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strawberry and toasted almond bark

Strawberry and Toasted Almond Chocolate Bark


I saw a picture of this Strawberry and Toasted Almond Chocolate Bark out there in Pinterest land and I just had to give it a try!  Let’s just say it ruined the heck out of my diet!  I could not stop taking a bite every time I walked by it.strawberry and toasted almond bark Continue reading

lucky me

St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

Today I am reposting a couple of my St. Patrick’s Day goodies for you to make this weekend!

This first one “So Lucky You’re My Buddy”


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Chocolate Dipped Cuties with Sea Salt

Okay, does anyone out there need a fast, easy, tasty, treat for the Super Bowl?  Or perhaps you need a fun treat for your next party, get together or just to indulge yourself?  This treat is perfect for all those occasions.  It is great for guys, girls and kids…so that pretty much includes everyone!  I could even go so far as to say that this is a “healthy” snack because dark chocolate is good for you, right?!


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Valentines Soup Can Label

Yesterday I promised that I would give you the perfect thing to end your Valentines Countdown, so here it is!


A Valentines Soup Can!    

What Valentine wouldn’t love receiving this  on Valentines Day filled with his or her favorite goodies, trinkets or love letters etc?  

You can customize these to each individual person.

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salted caramels

Christmas Candy Roundup

I thought that it would be fun to just do a round-up of some of our family’s favorite Christmas candies!  Some of these recipes go way back and some are pretty new, but they have all become favorites!  

Of course most anything with sugar in it, is a favorite around here! :)

I have fond memories of making candy for the holidays with my mom.  We used to make all kinds of fondant and dip our own chocolates, we would make BIG batches of it and give it away to all of our friends.  I also remember making anise candy, fudge, caramels and peanut brittle, those were great times and we had fun doing it all together!  It still brings back good memories when I make them for my family now.

I don’t dip my own chocolates anymore but I do make fudge and peanut clusters, they are two of my favorite Christmas candies!


Easy Fudge

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Vintage Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Roundup

I thought that today I would just do a fun Thanksgiving Roundup to get us ready for next week,

 with recipes, games, printables, decorations and just fun eye candy!

Here is a great site with many vintage images!  I love the old vintage pictures!

The Graphics Fairy

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Thursday’s Thought-Note to Self:

Today my thought is a fun one… just in time for Halloween!

 I have actually used this for several tags to give to people for a “just thinking of you”  or thanks for all you do note attached with some kind of chocolate of course!   Do you know anyone who could use a pick me up today or a “I’m thinking of you today”?  Go ahead and print some of these up as tags and give them away!  It will make you feel good.


Hope you have a Thoughtful Thursday!  Love Ya!

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