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Thursday’s Thought-Note to Self:

Today my thought is a fun one… just in time for Halloween!

 I have actually used this for several tags to give to people for a “just thinking of you”  or thanks for all you do note attached with some kind of chocolate of course!   Do you know anyone who could use a pick me up today or a “I’m thinking of you today”?  Go ahead and print some of these up as tags and give them away!  It will make you feel good.


Hope you have a Thoughtful Thursday!  Love Ya!

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Chocolate Dipped Rice Crispies

Here is fun, EASY, treat that you can make for your family for family night, or for a Halloween party, or to take a treat to your neighbors or co-workers!  It is just a simple spin on a classic recipe!


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Cookies And Cream Muddy Buddies

Here is a fun version of Muddy Buddies that would be perfect for almost any summer gathering that you might have!  It is easy to make, easy to transport, easy to serve and it looks delicious to boot!

 Both young and old love the taste of Oreo cookies, making this version of muddy buddies one of our all-time top favorites! 


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Minty Shamrock Bark

I have a fun treat for you to make for St. Patrick’s Day.  I don’t really decorate or do a lot for this holiday, but this is a fun treat that you could make for FHE or just to be a kind little leprechaun and surprise your family!


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5 Recipes to Make With Leftover Halloween Candy!

This morning on KUTV I am showing ways to use up your leftover Halloween Candy!

(If you missed it, here is the link to watch it!)

So get ready to raid the kids candy bags!

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Halloween Muddy Buddies

The other day I had one of my best little helpers with me and we decided that we would like to make something good to eat!

My little helper was great at measuring and pouring the ingredients into the bowl.  I love to have a little helper in the kitchen, don’t you?

We decided that these Halloween Muddy Buddies would hit the spot, what do you think?  Do you want to make some too?

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Chocolate Raspberry Cups

Woot, Woot! My rss reader has had a post teaser on it that I could not seem to get removed, but it is now off!  Yeah!  I think that I might have actually jumped up and down and shouted for joy!

So let’s celebrate with a little chocolate!

I saw these in an ad that came in the mail and I decided to give it a try and see if I could make some on my own. I liked the results and my family loved these!

They are beautiful to look at and oh so yummy and wouldn’t these be a fun little Valentine gift for that special little someone? Continue reading


Peanut Butter Brownies!

For our Super Bowl dinner last night I had all the fixings for sandwiches and the girls brought chips and bean dip, a relish plate with a yummy ranch dip from Landee See Landee Do and bruchetta.  I was in charge of dessert, which I have not been in charge of  for a long time, so I asked my husband what he wanted me to make and these brownies were at his request.  They are a family favorite and they make a large batch!

I cut them into footballs for the Super Bowl. Continue reading


Chocolate Oreo Cookie Flowers!

I promised you yesterday that I would show you how to make the Chocolate Oreo Cookie Flowers.  They are so fun and easy and there are just a couple of tips to help you so the cookie part does not break quite so much.

So who is ready to make Chocolate covered Oreo Cookie Flowers?

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