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DIY Christmas book Angels

DIY Christmas Book Angels

DIY Christmas Book Angels

How is everyone doing on their Christmas preparations?  We had our big Sinterklaas Party last weekend and it was so fun! 

The kids all had a great time and we had a jolly old visitor come!

After he left we gave everyone their Christmas jammies and blankets and I gave each family one of these Christmas book angels!DIY Christmas book Angels Continue reading

book Christmas trees

Book Christmas Trees

Last fall at our Girl’s Weekend we learned how to make these Book Christmas Trees from my friend, Kathy.  I did not show these before now, because I made a couple of them for Christmas gifts!  But they are really easy to make and you can do them while you are watching a movie, a ballgame, Downton Abby or whatever it is that you like to watch! :)book Christmas trees Continue reading


Whimsical Christmas Frame and Free Printables!

Hi everyone.  Today I am doing a guest post over at The Wood Connection.   I am showing how to make this fun whimsical Christmas frame.  Be sure to visit them to see a full tutorial on how to paint and glitter this cute little project along with a  great technique on how to paint and glitter the wooden dots!

If you are visiting from the Wood Connection…Welcome!  I am glad that you are here and hope that you will stay a while and take a look around and that you will want to come back again and again!

Here are the printables for this frame.  I have done both 11 x 14 (which is the size frame that I did) and 8 x 10 sizes. Continue reading


Light-up Christmas Lantern

I got a few lanterns at Ikea a while back for the holidays.  I made up a couple of them and I love the way they look and the ambiance that they create with the lights in them.  They just glow so pretty with the stars cut out of the top of the lanterns!  I am really a sucker for lights in my house.  I have them everywhere, even when it is not Christmas!

Continue reading


It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Every year we have a little tradition that my boys hate, but that I love!  It is the hauling of all the Christmas decorations from the basement to the main floor! I have so many totes of decorations that it is crazy, but I love to decorate and at Christmas time, I do several rooms in my house!

All of these boxes go in my kitchen!  Plus I have two little trees that are already decorated, that I put in the adjacent dining room.

Just keeping it real here folks!

This is my main entry, where I have a Santa Claus collection and my Nativity collections.This is the living room.  My youngest son put up the tree for me, since I cannot even lift it!  His cute little new wife said to me “How does all of this even fit into your house, and how long does it take to put it all up?”  I just smiled.  My son replied that I would have it all done by Thanksgiving when they are all coming for dinner, and he is right it takes me 3-4 days to get it all put out.  I also have a tree in my bedroom and decorations out on the front porch.  So yes, I am a little bit obsessed!  OK, maybe I am a lot obsessed!(The kids wanted to put some ornaments on the tree, but we just put the one big Santa ornament on, because I have to straighten all the branches out and get all the lights plugged in right first!)

It was kind of fun this year because most of the grandkids wanted to help haul the boxes up and it made it a lot faster.  Even my boys were excited, because they know that it is not too many more years and their children can just take over with this fun little tradition!  And I would absolutely love it.

These pictures are the before and I will do a little house tour after Thanksgiving with the after.  How’s that?