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Vintage Christmas Quilt

Sewing Retreat

I just spent some very fun days with my best friend at a Sewing Retreat!  We went up to the cabin for a few days of S & S.  (Sewing and Shopping!)

We started out by driving up the canyon and it was just beautiful…the leaves are starting to turn colors and the weather was gorgeous!  We went to our new favorite quilt shop in Midway, Utah, called My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe.  We got the fabric to start a new Vintage Christmas Quilt.  Vintage Christmas Quilt  Continue reading

love sweatshirt

Love Sweatshirt

Happy Monday Everyone!  Are you ready to get back into the swing of life after all the holiday fun?  Our Grandkids all start back to school today, so I guess that means that we have to get back on a schedule too!  :(  It seems like the time went by too fast and I am not really ready.  I tended my 19 month old grand daughter for 5 days, starting on Christmas Day, then my husband was gone for about 10 days, so I was really lazy and just played and read 3 books and I enjoyed the holidays!  But I did get all of my Christmas put away and my house cleaned, so now I should be ready to start my routine.

Today I have a project that I wanted to try as an experiment.  I showed you how to apply iron-on vinyl and I wanted to try something to see if it would work.  It does…so now  I know that the possibilities are endless!  I did an iron-on on a sweat shirt, then I did another iron-on vinyl on top of it, to put put two colors together!  I love how it turned out!iron-on vinyl sweatshirt Continue reading

rustic frame

Rustic Picture Frame

Medical update: I am getting a little bit stronger every day.  I think the thing that fooled me the most was how weak I am and how little energy I have!  I guess that is from the blood loss. I feel like my arm is getting a little bit stronger every day and my incision is healing well.  The good news is that the numbness is slowly leaving…the bad news…I can now feel it!  I still have my super glue on the top of the incision, but the bruising is almost gone.  (My arm just looks a little bit dirty where the bruising is!)  I can now start lifting 10 pounds, but I cannot yet rotate my arm outwards all the way.  But all in all, I would say that I am doing super!

So, I still cannot do very many projects, but I would like to share one with you that I picked up at a little boutique during our town celebration:

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Sisal Balls &Americana Jar

Americana Jar and Sisal Balls

Today I have a couple of fun projects just in time for your 4th of July decorating!  I am going to show you how to make sisal balls in any color or size and a matching Americana jar to complete a little vignette!

Sisal Balls &Americana Jar Continue reading

Decorative wire frame

Decorative Wire Frame

One of my DIL’s bought some cute wired frames for her house and she brought them over and we fixed them up with some fun fabric to make it match the room that they are going in!  It was such an easy way to customize these cute frames!

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Super Easy Coco-Cola Sign

Today I have a super simple wood project!

 I have been wanting a coco-cola sign for out on my potting table on my back patio, I know that it is still winter here in Utah, but I am already getting spring fever and with the few warm days that we have had lately my “fever” is getting even higher!

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Thursday’s Thought–Lucky Me

Today’s thought is just a repost from a couple of years ago. 

I assume that everyone has their Valentines stuff all figured out by now, so we’ll start thinking of the next holiday, okay?

 St. Patrick’s day is not a holiday that I usually do too much for.  But I decided that I could decorate my repurposed tray that sits on my kitchen counter.  This is what I came up with:

 I made these printables to share with you.  There is one cutsie one, and two modern ones.  You can just print them and frame it like I did here.

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Pinners Conference #pinners

Last weekend I went to the Pinners Conference with my best friend from Jr. High!  Can you believe that we have been friends for that long?  We have kept in touch all these years and it is so fun to have a friend that everyone thinks is my sister!  (She is the one on the left) We met these other two while waiting in line to get in the first morning and we ran into each other several times during the two days.  I should have handed off my phone to someone to take a picture of us together!  We just kept taking pictures of each other and I do not have any of us together, even though we spent the whole weekend together.  :(


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Crafty Wood Cutouts

Monogram Wreath-Crafty Wood Cutouts

I was contacted by Crafty Wood Cutouts asking if I would be willing to do a project from their store and then blog about it, Um…yeah!

I went down to the retail store and it has some darling displays and ideas!  If you live in the Orem/Provo area, you really should check out this fun little store! If you don’t live nearby, check out their cute website!

I decided on a couple of different projects.  The first one is this classic monogram wreath:


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