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December 2012 Visiting Teaching Handout

This month the message is

“Visiting Teaching, a Work of Salvation”

It talks about the importance of sharing our testimonies and teaching those that we visit.

I just made a fun little Christmas themed card for this month.   You could pair this with a fun Christmas treat, book, lotion, or any other little gift that you might want to give.  But really and truly the visit is the most important part and sharing your time and talents with all those whom you serve!

Here is a blank one for those of you who would like to translate!

These are formatted to 4 x6 so you can just send them to be printed, if you want to do that.

To print, right click over image and go to “save image as”  then just save into one of your pictures files.


 One idea for a great treat are these yummy mint brownies  You will find the recipe here.

I make these every year at Christmas time, in fact I am making some for our Sinterklaas Party this weekend!  That is how good these are!  I will tell more about the party next week.

Remember to Keep Christ in Christmas!

Happy Visiting Everyone!  Love Ya!


December VT Handout

I love the message this month on how important EVERY sister is and how we influence so many around us!  I think that sometimes we forget how wonderful we are!

This month’s handout is a card to print, you can use it as a refrigerator magnet, a tag to tie on some goodies, (like my fudge) or make it into a card etc.

To print, just right click and go to copy.  Then open your favorite program like Word and right click again and go to paste.  This is a 4 x 6 card.  This has also been formatted to send to your favorite photo processing center and they can print it as a picture. (I send mine to Costco and they are only 16 cents each!)

Happy Visiting this Month!