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cabin chairs-redo

Yard Sale Chairs for the Cabin

A week ago my husband and I were coming back from our property in Upton, Utah and I saw a “Home Goods Sale” sign.  We were after the hours listed on this sale, but there was no date, so we decided to check it out and see if we could possibly come back the next day!  Well, the sweet lady that was holding the sale came out when we pulled in the driveway and she just opened up her sale to us!  Happy Day!  :)

I found 3 chairs, 2 wall lamps for the cabin, and a wonderful metal tub to plant flowers in!  My son came up the next morning and he got a beautiful game table, a lamp, a wall light and a gorgeous metal bowl.

These are the chairs that I found:Yard Sale Chairs Continue reading

chair makeove

Chair Makeovers

My daughter is building a new home and it will be finished in a few weeks so she has been busy getting some things ready for her new house.  She bought these chairs 2nd hand and did a makeover on them!  I think that they turned out so pretty!chair makeove Continue reading