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tie dyed shirts

Vinyl and Tie Dyed Shirts

We have been busy at our house doing all kinds of fun crafts this summer.  A couple of the projects that we have done are Vinyl and Tie Dyed Shirts!  The kids have had so much fun with these and they were super easy to do!

I tended one extra granddaughter for a few days over the 4th of July Holiday, so we thought it would be fun to make these red shirts!
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Beaded Bottle Cap Charms

Oh my goodness!!

I have found a new hobby and I am quite in love with making these darling beaded bottle cap charms!  My husband just rolled his eyes when I told him that I had a new hobby…”That is just what you need,” he said!  :)  But really, he was quite impressed that I could make my own jewelry!Beaded Bottlecap charms-001 Continue reading

love sweatshirt

Love Sweatshirt

Happy Monday Everyone!  Are you ready to get back into the swing of life after all the holiday fun?  Our Grandkids all start back to school today, so I guess that means that we have to get back on a schedule too!  :(  It seems like the time went by too fast and I am not really ready.  I tended my 19 month old grand daughter for 5 days, starting on Christmas Day, then my husband was gone for about 10 days, so I was really lazy and just played and read 3 books and I enjoyed the holidays!  But I did get all of my Christmas put away and my house cleaned, so now I should be ready to start my routine.

Today I have a project that I wanted to try as an experiment.  I showed you how to apply iron-on vinyl and I wanted to try something to see if it would work.  It does…so now  I know that the possibilities are endless!  I did an iron-on on a sweat shirt, then I did another iron-on vinyl on top of it, to put put two colors together!  I love how it turned out!iron-on vinyl sweatshirt Continue reading

Swiss Days 2014

My Swiss Days Treasures

This past weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the whole year!   Every year on the Friday and Saturday before Labor Day, is Swiss Days in Midway, Utah.  They have a giant boutique with really good quality products!  It is always a mad house and it is the only time that I will go into the crowds to go shopping!  I really do not like crowds all that much, but I look forward to this boutique in spite of all the people!  :)Swiss Days 2014 Continue reading

Favorite Finds

3 Friday’s Favorite Finds!

Today I want to share a few new favorite finds that I found!  

I have lived in Utah most of my life and I had never heard of Pirate O’s!  It is such a fun store that I just happened to find last week!  My husband and I were driving down the road and I yelled, “turn around!”  Well, I really said can you please turn around right here!  :)  And being the great husband that he is…he did!  This is what caught my eye:


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Friday’s Favorite Find

Today I want to show you my newest favorite find!

For many years now I have straightened my hair every day!  My oldest granddaughter keeps asking me how come I never do my hair differently.  She tells me that I wear it the same way every day.  (Isn’t it nice how brutally honest kids can be!)  So when I saw a small video on how this curling iron works, I must say that I was amazed enough to buy it!  I got mine at Walmart, and that was the cheapest place that I found.  It was $99.99… it’s costly to be beautiful!


Infiniti Pro by Conair, Curl Secret

Check out this link with the video and see what you think?

Last Sunday night we decided to do a little beauty salon and try out my fun new toy.  The girls that were there,  tried it out and I think that it was hands down a new favorite for everyone.

Here is my before picture:  (The same every day, or so I am told!)

Curling tool

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Halloween fingernails

Halloween Fingernails

Well, I got a lot of my sewing done that I wanted to get done this last weekend!  Hurray!  I got the binding sewn on 2 quilts, I got all of my stitching finished up on the Christmas Quilt and I got a really good start on the Halloween Table Quilt!  So I feel a lot better about my projects overload now!  :)

We went to the cabin this weekend and we had snow up there, but it was a good weekend to be there and to listen to conference and to paint our fingernails!

Halloween fingernails

 My daughter painted her’s all orange and one green fingernail.  She said that it was supposed to look like a pumpkin with a stem.  My granddaughter did her’s with orange and green and black polka dots.  I just went with the orange and black flowers, not too brave, but in Halloween colors!


I kind of love this picture with 3 generations of hands!  

I hate to admit how old my hands look, but I am so glad that they are still able to work and do all the things that I want them to do!  I love the youth of my granddaughters hands and my daughters hands and all that the future holds for them!

Do any of you do any crazy things for Halloween?  I know that this is not too crazy, but it is about as far as my dressing up for Halloween goes, besides my witch hat and black wig!  :)  (Which my grandkids love)

Have a great Monday!  Love Ya!

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McKinly's ruffled skirt

Darling Ruffled Skirt

A while back my daughter made this  blue and white striped skirt  for her daughter.

She also got some fabric to make another skirt from the same “Izzy and Ivy Design” pattern book  So, today I want to show you the other skirt that she made!  I am sooo in love with this skirt, look at all those ruffles and bows… it is a little girl’s dream! (A big girls’ dream too!)


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Girls's sleepover Aug

Sewing Skirts-Girls Sleepover

Last week I had three of my granddaughters for a sleepover!  

One of them had been asking me when I was going to teach her how to sew, so I decided that I had better get on the ball  and get it done before school starts again.  

We had a sewing… fingernail painting…lots of eating… tea party… fashion show… and dancing party!

To start of the evening we had dinner first, then we went right to work making these skirts:


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Friday’s Favorite Find

Today I just wanted to share my newest favorite find!  

One of my friends showed me these just recently and I found them at Costco in a 5 pack, so they are perfect to use for myself and to give some away to others!  (My friend got hers at Target)  These are what I used with my VT Handouts this month, I just tied a ribbon around it and they are a cute little gift.  They would be perfect for back to school, teachers, stocking stuffers at Christmas time, or just a little pick me up, (for me!)

They are called EOS-evolution of smooth, and they are the BEST lip balm that I have tried in a long time.  I seem to have dry, chapped lips and this worked wonders after even the first application.   I love all these fun flavors and lip balm is something that every girl needs!  Right?


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