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Friday’s Favorite Find

Today I want to show you my newest favorite find!

For many years now I have straightened my hair every day!  My oldest granddaughter keeps asking me how come I never do my hair differently.  She tells me that I wear it the same way every day.  (Isn’t it nice how brutally honest kids can be!)  So when I saw a small video on how this curling iron works, I must say that I was amazed enough to buy it!  I got mine at Walmart, and that was the cheapest place that I found.  It was $99.99… it’s costly to be beautiful!


Infiniti Pro by Conair, Curl Secret

Check out this link with the video and see what you think?

Last Sunday night we decided to do a little beauty salon and try out my fun new toy.  The girls that were there,  tried it out and I think that it was hands down a new favorite for everyone.

Here is my before picture:  (The same every day, or so I am told!)

Curling tool

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Friday’s Favorite Find

Today I just wanted to share my newest favorite find!  

One of my friends showed me these just recently and I found them at Costco in a 5 pack, so they are perfect to use for myself and to give some away to others!  (My friend got hers at Target)  These are what I used with my VT Handouts this month, I just tied a ribbon around it and they are a cute little gift.  They would be perfect for back to school, teachers, stocking stuffers at Christmas time, or just a little pick me up, (for me!)

They are called EOS-evolution of smooth, and they are the BEST lip balm that I have tried in a long time.  I seem to have dry, chapped lips and this worked wonders after even the first application.   I love all these fun flavors and lip balm is something that every girl needs!  Right?


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