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In every walk in Nature

Thursday’s Thought-In Every Walk In Nature…

I thought that it would be fun to use one of my pictures from The Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island, to make my thought for today!  There were several quotes that I have, but I loved this one about walking in nature!In every walk in NatureI know that I am weird in my love for flowers…so you may have to deal with a few more flower pictures in future posts!  :)  Is there a flowers-anonymous  club that I should join???

Hope you have a great Thursday!

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Pacific Coastlines

Trip to the Pacific Northwest

My husband and I just got back from a trip last week to the Pacific Northwest.  We drove a total of 2,915 miles!  It was insane!  Our plans were to drive to Port Angeles in Washington and then take the ferry over to Vancouver Island.  We were then going to drive the 101 coastal highway down to San Francisco and cut across California and come home to Utah.  After driving the 101 for a couple of days, we totally changed our plans because that road is so curvy and slow  and we could not even see the ocean much of the time because of all of the trees, so we changed plans and cut back to the interstate to come home!  But, the drive up to Port Angeles was beautiful and so was Vancouver Island, so it was worth all the driving!  

As I mentioned yesterday, I got a new camera before we left on our trip and I took over 500 pictures and videos!  It was so fun to learn to use my new camera with all of the beautiful places we visited.  I apologize  in advance for all of the pictures, but I did put a lot of them into collages, so you can see several pictures all at once!flowers at port of Hoodsport Continue reading

Farmer's Market Sign

Farmer’s Market Sign

I hope that you all had a great Memorial Day weekend!  We went up to our cabin and also to our hunting property.  We have built an irrigation pond and are anxiously waiting for it to fill up!  They have planted a few fish in there, so the grandkids are already loving  it!

I also went to Poppyseed Projects to get a summer board, and came home with this darling print instead!  All I had to do to make this sign was to paint the board black, Mod Podge the print to the board and then add the texture cream to the front of the plaque!  So easy!

Farmer's Market Sign Continue reading

Easy Flower Arrangement

Super Easy Flower Arrangement

My neighbor had a flower arrangement sent to her house for Mother’s Day.  She was not home at the time, so the florist left it with me.  It was so striking that I decided to see if I couldn’t duplicate the idea!  Her’s was made with mini carnations in different colors, but I found these daisies and mums at Costo and decided to give it a try!Easy Flower Arrangement

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Happy Mothers Day!

I want to wish all you beautiful mothers out there a very Happy Mothers Day!


I hope that you all know how wonderful you are and the work that you do as a mother never goes unnoticed! 

Mothers are the heart of every home and I hope that today you will get a hug from all those that call you mom!  If not, then do what I do… and just steal one!  :)

Pass this on to the one that you call mom!


Thursday’s Thought-If You Have A Garden

Since I have been spending a bit of time out in my yard, I decided that I would do a thought about gardens!  :)  I have had this thought up in my office for awhile, but decided that it needed to be prettied up a bit.  So here is my new version:


This quote is by Marcus Tullius Cicero.

I actually printed this out and put in a frame so I can now replace my old version with this new fun bright version!

I love planting flowers and I actually went with my dad yesterday to a nursery and we both got a couple of flats of flowers!  His are to plant along his driveway, mine are to plant some more pots!  I love planting pots…because you don’t have to weed them!  :)  I will take pictures when I get all of my pots planted.

The part about this saying that I have not done well with… is the library part.  I have plenty of books to read, I just cannot seem to get to them!  I love to read, but it is a luxury that I just cannot seem to find the time to do anymore.  If I read for 20-30 minutes every morning, that is about all I get in!  SOMEDAY…I will read more again!

Hope you all have a great Thursday!

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Meeting a New Friend!

Yesterday I got to meet Kristi from I Should Be Mopping the Floor!   I do a guest post once a month for her blog, so I felt like I knew her already!  If you have never visited her site you are missing out, she has some great ideas and beautiful pictures!  Take a minute and check it out!She is in Utah for a blogging conference close to my home, so we made arrangements to get together for a short time.

She was so sweet and I felt like she could be my sister (although she would be a younger sister!).  She has helped me a great deal with my blog and is so willing to share her information on things that I can do to improve.  But she is also just a kind, fun, sweet person to be around and the time went by way too quick!

We were able to visit while we made a stop at Gygi’s, one of my favorite places to visit.  I got some lemon flavored chocolate that I want to try out really soon… think lemon dipped strawberries for Mother’s Day!  After that stop we went over to the Blue Lemon for lunch, another one of my favorite places to eat.  So I gave Kristi a very short tour of a couple of my favorite places in SLC.

I had a wonderful time and I am so glad that I got to meet her!  Thanks Kristi! :)

After I let her off to go back to her blogging conference, I made a little detour over to Trader Joe’s since I was so close, I could not pass up the opportunity to just go over there and browse and do a little shopping.  Of course, I bought some of their flowers, just because… and I brought them home and arranged them.

I love the bright yellows and purple is this fun arrangement!  I got the yellow mason jar at Steinmart and have just been waiting to put a fun floral arrangement in it!  It is amazing how happy a bunch of flowers for $5.99 can make this girl! :)

So I got to spend the day with a great friend, we had good food, did a little shopping and flowers to top it all off.  I would say that this was pretty much a perfect day!

I hope that you get to spend a perfect day with someone you love real soon!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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