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June 2016 VT handout

June 2016 Visiting Teaching

Can you believe it is June already???  Where do the months go?   It is time for my June 2016 Visiting Teaching Handout, for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints so here it is!June 2016 VT handout Continue reading

Valentine Donut Tags

Valentine Donut Tags

Today I have some fun little Valentine Donut Tags!   These could be used for Valentines Day or for any day that you want to do something a little bit special for those that you love!Valentine Donut Tags Continue reading

chore chart

DIY Magnet Board Chore Chart

My daughter asked me if I would make a  DIY Magnet Board Chore Chart for her.  She had what she wanted it to look like and how to make it…so I was just in charge of putting it all together!  :)chore chart Continue reading


Spring Painted Vases and Printable Tags!

This a post that I posted a couple of weeks ago over at I Should Be Mopping the Floor, but wanted to share it with you here!

 Well, I think that it is officially Spring here.  Well, maybe not officially, but it is snowing or raining one day and beautiful sunshine the next, so isn’t that the definition of spring? I love when the flowers start popping out of the ground and there is hope of the warmer weather coming.  But, sometimes I just cannot wait for it to come, so I decided to bring it in a little bit earlier with my Spring in a bottle(s)!


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