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Christmas Sugar Cookies

Christmas Sugar Cookies

Christmas Sugar Cookies

How is everyone doing?  Are you all ready for Christmas?  We had our big party last night and gave everyone their Christmas gifts…so I am pretty much done now!!!

All I need to do is deliver a few more gifts that are all wrapped and ready to go.  What a great feeling!

For dessert we had yummy sugar cookies and hot chocolate!Christmas Sugar Cookies Continue reading


Happy Thanksgiving 2014!

 Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! 


Image from:  The Graphics Fairy

I hope that you all have a very happy, grateful Thanksgiving!  I decided that I would share with you my top 10 things that I am thankful for.  These are not necessarily in order…because I could put every one of these at # 1!

1. My family…especially my husband!

2.  My testimony…the gospel.

3.  My nice warm home…even more when it is cold outside.

4.  A car that works and can take me where I need to go.

5.  That my Christmas decorations are all put up!  :)

6.  Grandkids…all 10 of them!

7.  My health…especially that I have an arm that is working great!  :)

8.  The beautiful fall season that we have had!

9.  Scrapbook and craft stores.

10.  Homemade quilts.

I Hope that you can count all of your blessings and that your heart will be filled with gratitude this Thanksgiving Day!


How are you doing on your 40 day conference challenge?  I love to read first thing in the morning before anyone else is awake.  I sip on a mug of  French Cocoa and just take my time reading and marking and making notes…it is MY time!  :)

How do you like to read your conference talks?  Do you do it by yourself…with a spouse…or as a family?

Thanks for visiting today.  

I am going to take a couple of days off to spend time with my loved ones, hope you get to do the same!


10 Fabulous Fall Recipes

When the weather starts to cool down and the leaves start to turn colors, I get in the mood to cook again, so today I thought that I would just do a round-up of some of my favorite fall recipes that I have posted in the past.  These are all tried and true recipes that my family all love!


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French Cocoa

It is a cold, rainy, dreary day outside today.  Perfect for staying indoors with  a big mug of hot chocolate with the fireplace going and a good book to read, wrapped up in your favorite quilt!  At least until you have to get on with real life!  But you could at least make a big mug of hot chocolate!

A  few years ago my friend, Leslie, gave me this recipe for French Cocoa.  I really was not a great fan of hot chocolate…but I guess that I am now!

To make this French Cocoa you will put the unsweetened chocolate squares, sugar and water into a pan. (I am only making 1/2 of the recipe, because it is too big for my empty nester family.) Bring to a boil and let it boil for 3 minutes, stirring occasionally.  Then let it cool to room temperature.Whip your cream until it is very stiff.Fold the cooled chocolate into the cream.This is heaven, folks!  At this point you can just refrigerate until you want to make French Cocoa. (Try not to eat the whole bowl before you make the cocoa. I may or may not have had a few tastes!)Or you can take a large icecream scoop…And scoop onto a cookie sheet.  I lined mine with parchment paper so they would come right off after freezing them. Flash freeze for about 2 hours, then put into a freezer container. (Half of the recipe makes about 12 servings)To make your cocoa, heat milk in a mug until very warm.  Add one scoop of the chocolate mixture and watch the foam start to form!

This truly is a great comfort drink and warms you all the way to your toes!  You need to try this recipe.  It is Heaven!

Here is the printable recipe.  To print-right click on the image, go to copy, then open your favorite program, like word.  Right click again and go to paste.

 It is a 4 x 6 format so it will fit in your recipe box!