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Thursday Thought-The most wasted…

Here is my thought for today:


I have this in my bedroom on the fireplace mantle where I can see it everyday!

 It really should be my motto!

I love what it says and I believe that we really should try to be happy and find the joy and laughter in everything we do!

I know that sometimes that is really difficult to do, but if I try to…I know that my day will go better.


So try to find the laughter and joy in your day today!

Love Ya!


Thursday’s Thought

As I was coming home the other day, I turned onto our street and this was the view that I saw!

It was so beautiful that I ran in and grabbed my camera and started snapping away.

 I love that I have this kind of beauty right in my front yard!

So it is with a grateful heart, that I decided on this thought for the week!

Happy Thursday everyone!  Love Ya!

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Happy Valentines Day!

Today I would like to do something that I have not done before and that is to do a tribute to my dear hubby. These are the beautiful roses that he sent to the house, they smell sooo good and they look so beautiful.  When they arrived they were these tight little buds and they have opened up and released the most beautiful scent!We had red roses for our wedding almost 36 years ago and I still love them today!

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