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Timpanogos Caves-001

Timpanogos Caves

One of the things on our summer bucket list was to go hiking up to the Timpanogos Caves in American Fork Canyon…and Monday was a pretty cool day temperature wise, so we decided that it would be the perfect time to go!Timpanogos caves Continue reading


Spring Break 2013

I am having a hard time getting back into a routine.  After our trip to Arizona and a long weekend at the cabin I just want to play all day!  Who wants to clean house and work when you have had so much fun?

This last week was spring break here, so we decided to go to the cabin for 4 days and we had two of our families come up.  It was non-stop commotion, but it was fun commotion!  Not too long after we arrived the first day, my son-in-law texted me asking me to send him a picture of his two kids with the reservoir in the background.  This is what I sent him…


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