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Thursday’s Thought-If You Have A Garden

Since I have been spending a bit of time out in my yard, I decided that I would do a thought about gardens!  :)  I have had this thought up in my office for awhile, but decided that it needed to be prettied up a bit.  So here is my new version:


This quote is by Marcus Tullius Cicero.

I actually printed this out and put in a frame so I can now replace my old version with this new fun bright version!

I love planting flowers and I actually went with my dad yesterday to a nursery and we both got a couple of flats of flowers!  His are to plant along his driveway, mine are to plant some more pots!  I love planting pots…because you don’t have to weed them!  :)  I will take pictures when I get all of my pots planted.

The part about this saying that I have not done well with… is the library part.  I have plenty of books to read, I just cannot seem to get to them!  I love to read, but it is a luxury that I just cannot seem to find the time to do anymore.  If I read for 20-30 minutes every morning, that is about all I get in!  SOMEDAY…I will read more again!

Hope you all have a great Thursday!

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Thursday’s Thought-If You Have a Garden…

I have had today’s thought in my office on a magnet board for a couple of years now, so I guess that I would have to say that it is one of my favorite thoughts!  I love that all we need is to feed the body and the soul.  So basic, yet so true!

I do not know who the author is so if anyone out there knows,  please let me know so that I can give credit to the author!

(Linda in Colorado Springs just sent me the author…Marcus Tullius Cicero.  Thanks Linda!)


If you would like to print this, simply right click over image and go to “save image as”  then save in one of your folders.  You can then print from there or upload to your favorite photo processing center.  This is formatted to an 8 x 10″ size.

Happy Thursday Everyone!  Have a great one, Love Ya!