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You’ll Never…Thought

I have not done a thought in a long while, so when I saw this one the other day, I thought it would be a great motivational thought for not only, those students going back to school, but for each one of us!  

You’ll Never…ThoughtYou'll-Never-Be-BraveNo one likes to makes mistakes or encounter failure, but if we do…we need to remember that all of our experiences in this life are just to help us grow and learn.  

Sometimes it can be a scary world out there and we are too hard on ourselves.  But if we can stand back and take a look at what we learned from a certain experience and be better for it, then we can turn a bad experience into a wonderful growing experience.  We need to learn these lessons for ourselves, but we also need to teach our children how to handle life’s disappointments!

This would be a great one to frame for your home, office, kids, or for yourself!  It is formatted to an 8 x 10 size for those that would like to print it.  Just click on the link below for your free printable download!

You’ll Never

I hope you’ll take a moment to think about this, You’ll Never…Thought.  There are a lot of you’ll never’s out there and we need to be able to turn them into a positive not only for ourselves but for our families!

Hope you have a great weekend.  Think positive and soon the “you’ll never” will turn into the “You Will!”

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Thursday’s Thought-A Goal is…

It is snowing today in Utah!

 I am excited about the snow because I wanted to go cross country skiing a couple of days ago and when I checked on it, the place I wanted to go to was closed because of “Lack of Snow!”   Really…in Utah?  Well, now maybe it will be open again and I can go sometime soon! :)

With it still being the beginning of January and a lot of us making goals and resolutions… 

I decided to use this for my thought today:


How are you all doing on your new goals?  I am still setting weekly goals  and following the guide in this book and I am loving this process.  I am going to frame this and put it in my office for a fun reminder to keep me going on my weekly goal!  :)  Do any of you need a cute reminder too? 

To print, right click over image and go to “save image as” then save in a folder.  Or you can right click over image and go to “copy image” then open your favorite program like Word or Presentations.  Right click again and go to “paste”  You can then print it.  This is formatted to 8 x 10 for any of you that would like to send it out to your favorite photo processing center.

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