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April Conference Snack Tags

This weekend is the General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints  (the Mormons).  I love conference weekend and look forward to it every six months!  For those of you that want to know what conference is all about…you can check it out here.

I love conference weekend, because we can stay home and watch it on TV (in our jamies, if we choose to!)  Sometimes we have all of our families together and sometimes my husband and I just watch it together.  But there is always a great spirit in our home and I love the messages that are taught and the things that I can learn!

I have already downloaded and printed my conference packet from Sugardoodle and I have my conference notebook ready to go.. to take notes…doodle…and just enjoy the weekend!

It is always a must to have some great treats or food while watching conference! :) 

So I decided that I would make some fun tags to go along with your conference goodies!  These are fun to pass along to your VT sisters,  or to make for your family, or friends!  You can tie them onto individual serving size packages for everyone, or make one big package for the whole family!


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Christmas in July!

I have just added some fun new products in the shop!  

It is Christmas in July around here!


Do you want to get a head start on your Christmas madness?  

Well then, Check out these new products:

I have a “Don’t Eat Santa!” game that is perfect for school parties, family parties, family night or just to entertain the kids!  After all, who doesn’t love a game that involves candy?!

There are Christmas gift tags that are over-sized.  They are perfect for adding to all your gifts, just print, cut out and you are ready to go!  Great for the busy holiday season.

I have Neighbor Gift ideas along with the tags to go with each idea!  There are 15 ideas, plus there are 3 blank tags for you to write your own sayings!

And I saved the best for last!  

I have a darling nativity set that is perfect for the kids to tell the “First Christmas Story.”  These are darling figures, along with the animals and the stable.  Just print, cut out, laminate for durability and add magnets to the back for the perfect magnet board activity!  Print a set for each of your kids to have and make lots of lasting memories!

(You have to scroll down to the bottom of the product page to view these. I am hoping to get them at the top of the page, but for right now they are are the bottom!)

I Hope you will enjoy these new products and I want to wish you each a 

Merry Christmas in July!  Love Ya!

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