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Valentines Pillow Wrap

I have another pillow wrap for you today.

I love these wraps because they are such an easy way to decorate and a pillow can add so much to a room.  This is my Valentines version.  I love the colors with the touch of green added in the ruffle.  It goes perfect with my black pillow, so I did not need to make a new pillow,  just the wrap!


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Fall Pillow Wrap

Don’t  forget to vote today?

That is my little public service announcement!  :)

Now on to the post for today:

I have all of my Halloween put away and I have been a little slow on getting my fall/Thanksgiving decorations out.  I just am having a hard time getting into it.  I think that if I put it off, it will not come as fast!   It is not Thanksgiving that I really worry about it is Christmas that seems to come waaay too fast!  So let’s just be in denial and see where that gets me!  :)

I did get one thing done and put out:

Here is my fall pillow wrap.

I made a linen pillow cover for this one that can be used with other wraps throughout the year.  Now I have my black one from Halloween and a linen one.  I should be able to use these two pillows with most any wraps!

I love the fall leaves in this fabric with the orange polka dot ruffles.  Polka Dots and ruffles just go together, do they not?  And the brown ric rac  finishes it off so perfectly!


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It’s a Wrap!

Today I have a fun pillow wrap with a full pattern for you!  You might just want to run out a purchase the supplies so that you can make one of these this weekend! They are so easy and so cute.

By making a simple pillow cover and different wraps, you will be able to change the look of ONE pillow for any season of the year. 

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