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fairy garden 2017

Fairy Garden 2017

Fairy Garden 2017

I have been working out in the yard this last week planting some of my garden and some of my flower pots.  I also had 2 of my grandchildren for 3 days and they wanted to help.  We bought some new things for the Fairy Garden 2017 and some new plants!

They were so excited to put it all together and I think it turned out darling!fairy garden 2017 Continue reading


Sweet Succulents!

I am getting anxious to start working in my garden but it is still too early to plant most things.

 I  planted some some butter crunch lettuce which is one of my favorite things, but that is about it for now,  so I decided that I would plant some beautiful succulents!  These are great to plant, because they do not take very much maintenance!  You only have to water them every once in awhile when the soil dries out!  I don’t have very many houseplants, because I don’t  take good enough care of them!   But these are easy and they are so beautiful!  These plants make great gifts, because the person receiving the gift does not have very much maintenance to keep them looking beautiful!


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