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Vintage Christmas Quilt

Sewing Retreat

I just spent some very fun days with my best friend at a Sewing Retreat!  We went up to the cabin for a few days of S & S.  (Sewing and Shopping!)

We started out by driving up the canyon and it was just beautiful…the leaves are starting to turn colors and the weather was gorgeous!  We went to our new favorite quilt shop in Midway, Utah, called My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe.  We got the fabric to start a new Vintage Christmas Quilt.  Vintage Christmas Quilt  Continue reading


Floral Quilt

I have another quilt post today! :)

Here is the quilt that my daughter made for her daughter.  She sewed this quilt top several months ago and we just needed to add the outside borders to make it a little bigger, then I quilted it for her and sewed on the binding, because she said the binding would take her another month to do!  She exaggerates!

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Red Christmas quilt

Christmas…Sew Cute!

Today I decided that I would show you some of my Christmas sewing projects from this year and from Christmases past.  I absolutely love the warmth of these homemade quilts and pillows.  They are so inviting on a cold winter’s night.  This collection is from things that I have made and some that are gifts that were made by wonderful friends!  It is good to have crafty friends!

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