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Easter Countdown

 Today I have a fun Easter countdown.  

Have fun counting down the days to Easter!  Fill the advent calendar with Foil eggs, kisses, or  Tootie Rolls!  There are 5 different pages, so you can print one for each member of your family!Easter-Countdown-sample

 Countdown to Easter.

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Coconut Bunny Tails

Here is a last minute recipe for you to add to your Easter treats!

Coconut Bunny Tails!

These are so cute and will add a little whimsy to your Easter gathering.  They are yummy, moist, coconut cake balls and they are a close runner up to the coconut cake balls at Sweet Tooth Fairy! (That is how good they are!)


These are easy to make because they begin with a cake mix!  They would be perfect for any special occasion, even the everyday special occasions! Continue reading