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Fun Easter Pots!

I am way excited about my new Easter printable!  I was originally going to just tie it together with some cute ribbon and make it into a bunting for my fireplace, which would be really cute, but  I decided to use each individual letter and put them in painted pots and look at what I came up with!

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Magical cookie Wands!

I made these for our princess party and they look so stinking cute in this little pink bucket!  I have been making these for many years.  They are great as a cookie bouquet for someone special or for a fun centerpiece!Do you want to know why they are magical?

Because there is no baking involved!

All you need is the striped shortbread cookies with a hole in the middle, some gumdrop or Ju Ju hearts and wooden skewers!  Push one of the hearts down onto the skewer, then the cookie, followed by another heart. So stinking easy and so cute.Then tie a bunch of ribbons below the gumdrop and you have a Magical Cookie Wand.  If you want to make this into a cookie flower bouquet just add green ribbons or tape silk or paper leaves to the “stem”.  Add a note that says, “Love you Bunches”Put into a container with some floral foam and grasses or moss etc.

It doesn’t get much easier than this to make a “Magical Moment” for someone special in your life!


Halloween Bunting!

Here is a fun trick or treat bunting printable just in time to get you ready for Halloween!  Excuse my empty fireplace mantle, I took down what was on it, because it did not match and I have not yet put up my Halloween decorations. (I have been given strict orders by one of my granddaughters that I have to wait until she can help me… and she is only 5 years old!)  :)

You will need to print the next 6 pages. (just double click on the image and it will show you a larger version,  then right click and go to copy, then go to your favorite program and paste and print.  The image should fill up a full 81/2 x 11 sheet of paper. Two letters per page.)

Cut out each candy corn and then laminate for durability.  Punch a hole in each corner.  I punched the first one, then used it as a pattern  for all of the others.  Lay out and tie together with ribbon.  I put streamers on the two ends!  Hang up and enjoy!

Happy Haunting!