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punch and coolies apron

Punch and Cookies Apron

I took a sewing class a couple of weeks ago and made a darling Christmas apron!  I was able to get one apron all done, but the bow, and another one half way done in the class, so you can see that this apron pattern is a simple one and yet it turned out so cute!punch and coolies apron Continue reading

Turning Twenty Quilt

Summer Sewing Class – Turning Twenty Quilt

With all of my recuperating time from my accident and now with summer coming to an end really quick (the kids start back to school next week!) I did not get to my usual sewing classes for all the granddaughters. But I decided that I would do a class with my oldest granddaughter because she is now old enough to do most of it on her own!  Eight years old is a great time to start your little ones sewing, because they are so excited about it and they are getting the coordination that is needed to run the foot pedal and guide the fabric at the same time!
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Pillowcase Doll Dresses

Well, I don’t know about you, but I had a very productive weekend.  I was able to get all the Christmas put away and I went to town on cleaning my house!  I got my steam cleaner going and I got everything sparkling clean!  Well, at least the main living areas. :)  I am still working on organizing my closet, I have been waiting for a jewelry organizer to come in the mail, and it came on Saturday, so now I can complete that little project! :)

One of the projects that we did during the holidays with a couple of the granddaughter was another “grandma sewing class”.  One of my granddaughter’s kept asking me if  I would do another sewing class, so we decided to do pillowcase doll dresses!  The girls each got a “Fur-Real” monkey friend for Christmas, so we thought it would be fun to make some dresses for each of the dolls.


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Young Women’s Sewing Class

Last week I taught a sewing class for the Young Women in my ward at church.

 It was one of  the same classes that I taught to the women in a Relief Society activity and the young women wanted to learn, so we did a sewing class for them!  It was how to make the maxi skirts that I did here.

These girls were all so cute and eager to learn how to make these skirts.  There were about 15 girls there and they all got their skirts done except for the hem in 2 hours.  They were faster than when I taught it to the women in RS!


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Easy Maxi Skirt

We are starting a beginning sewing class in our Relief Society.  That is the women’s organization in our church and I am in charge of teaching it.  I am so excited because we have some really fun projects that are for beginners, but they are so cute that I think those that already sew will want to join us too! :)

In our first class we are going to make these darling Maxi Skirts!DSC_0273-2

(Don’t you love my new dress form?  I just got it and I am so excited that I can dress it for my pictures now!)

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