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Easy Maxi Skirt

We are starting a beginning sewing class in our Relief Society.  That is the women’s organization in our church and I am in charge of teaching it.  I am so excited because we have some really fun projects that are for beginners, but they are so cute that I think those that already sew will want to join us too! :)

In our first class we are going to make these darling Maxi Skirts!DSC_0273-2

(Don’t you love my new dress form?  I just got it and I am so excited that I can dress it for my pictures now!)

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Joel Dewberry Skirt

I am quite proud of myself today.  I made a piece of clothing that I actually like and that fits me!  That doesn’t happen very often and I really don’t sew for myself very much for that reason!  But I saw this pattern made up at the “Dog Kennel Quilt Show”  a couple of months ago and I just loved it, so I decided that perhaps I would try to make one.  I was skeptical about it, but I liked the pattern so much that I bit the bullet and made it! Continue reading