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How To Plant a Birdcage

Today I am here with a really fun project for spring.  I am going to show you how to plant a birdcage!  I love to plant pots and planters and I look for fun unique planters all year long.  This birdcage is just from Michael’s so it was an easy find, but you can use old buckets, watering cans, old coal buckets, or just about anything that will hold dirt!  You just have be sure there are holes in the bottom for the drainage.  So rusted out buckets are great! :)

All of the plants that I used in this planter are perennials, so they are really okay for me to put this outside, here in Utah!  If you are using annuals, you will want to keep your planter indoors until the weather is warm all of the time, unless of course, you already live where it is warm!


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Thursday’s Thought-Spring has Sprung!

I was over at one of my best friends’ house the other day and she had these flowers that were in full bloom!  They looked so gorgeous out in her yard… this one plant in full color out in her yard.  So I went back a couple of days later and took this picture. 


Doesn’t this just make you happy?!

I loved these flowers so much that I went and bought one for my yard.  The color that I got, the flowers start out more of a greenish color then the blossoms turn to white.  I am going to get a couple of more and I am hoping to find this beautiful yellow and pink one!

They are called Hellabores and they are a perennial, they bloom in the spring and they like the shade. 

It snowed here a couple of days ago and I was out planting my plant the next day in the nice warm sunshine! 

So I guess that Spring really has Sprung!

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