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Thanksgiving Table Quilt

I finally got my Thanksgiving Table quilt done last week!  It took me longer to get to it than I anticipated!  (But isn’t that how a lot of things go?)  I am very happy with it, and it is on my kitchen table now, where I can enjoy it every time I walk into the kitchen!


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Stitched Christmas Quilt Blocks (WIP)

I have so many projects going on right now that I am driving myself crazy!  I tend to do this every year in the fall, I get the bug to start sewing, crafting, reading, baking, canning and organizing!   I just need to pace myself and finish one project before I start the next one!  Do any of you do that too, or am I the only crazy one???

I am working on 4 different quilts right now with the patterns and fabric for several more!  I bought my quilting machine a few months ago and now I think that I have to use it all the time… it just keeps calling my name…but I love learning how to use it! 

This quilt that I am trying to get finished up this week, my WIP (Work in Progress), is from Bird Brain Designs and the name of the pattern is Snowmen & Reindeer Bluework Quilt.  I got this pattern last spring when we were in Arizona on our little annual vacation.  I am doing it all as a redwork so that it will match my other Christmas quilts that I have already made.

I have been working on these block since last spring and I have all but one of the blocks completely stitched and I am hoping to get the last one done this weekend! 


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