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Ruffled Thanksgiving dishtowels

Ruffled Thanksgiving Turkey Dishtowels

I have not done very much decorating for Thanksgiving, but I did make these darling Ruffled Thanksgiving Turkey Dishtowels to decorate my kitchen with!Ruffled Thanksgiving dishtowels

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Thanksgiving Sour Cream Containers

I have a fun new product in the store today…it is these darling Thanksgiving sour cream containers!  I love the fun shape of these containers and thought that they would be perfect for your Thanksgiving table!Thanksgiving Sour Cream Containers Continue reading


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I hope that your day is filled with Love, Kindness and Pumpkin Pie!

The Graphics Fairy

I will be taking a couple of days off to spend time with the family!  Hope that you get to do the same.

Have a Thankful Day and Count Your Blessings.  Love Ya!

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If you need some reading to get you in the holiday mode, here are a couple of Christmas traditions that we have in our home, perhaps you will want to  make one of them a tradition in your home!

This first one is the one that I cherish the most.  You will want to read through this post, but be prepared to have a tissue at hand!  If you have children, this is a great tradition.  My husband and I do this every year with our family because all of our children are grown and so this is what we have the kids and grandkids do for our gifts!  It is wonderful!

white envelope

The White Envelope

The second tradition that we do is the Nativity.  The kids love to act this out and I have a very simple way to make all of the costumes!  You could even do these as a no-sew project if you want to.  They are very basic and simple, but the thing that I love about them is the fact that one size fits all…literally!  You just tie them up a little higher or tuck them in for the little ones!  Perfect, you make them once and then you have them forever!

Aren’t these kids the cutest ever? :)


Super Easy Darling Nativity Costumes

Did that get you in the Christmas Spirit?  

If you are a black Friday shopper, all I can say, is GOOD LUCK  and I hope you are able to get all the deals that you are out there for!  :)

As for me, I think that I will just stay home and enjoy my Christmas Decorations and get ready for our Sinterklaas Party!

Thanks for stopping by today.

 I am really grateful for all of my readers and I appreciate the support that you give to me!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Vintage Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Roundup

I thought that today I would just do a fun Thanksgiving Roundup to get us ready for next week,

 with recipes, games, printables, decorations and just fun eye candy!

Here is a great site with many vintage images!  I love the old vintage pictures!

The Graphics Fairy

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Thursday’s Thought-What If You Woke Up…

Today my thought comes from a little 4-wheeling trip that my husband and I took last week!  We went up on a family property that we have and it was the most awesome, beautiful, Autumn day, that it just filled my heart with Thanksgiving for all the beauty and blessings that surround us!


What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

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Thanksgiving Table Quilt

I finally got my Thanksgiving Table quilt done last week!  It took me longer to get to it than I anticipated!  (But isn’t that how a lot of things go?)  I am very happy with it, and it is on my kitchen table now, where I can enjoy it every time I walk into the kitchen!


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Thursday’s Thought – Come Ye Thankful People, Come

Sometimes the “hurrier” I go the “behinder” I get!

We did a Relief Society Activity at my house last night, so I am a little bit late in getting this posted this morning!  I will tell you all about our activity next week, it was a great activity in which we made our 72 hour food kits!

But for today, here is my Thursday “Thanksgiving” Thought.


For some reason, which is good, I have a very thankful heart this season!  I am grateful for my family, friends, health and freedom, just to name a very few.  I am grateful for a husband who supports me in everything I do.  He is my best friend, confidante, supporter and also the biggest tease!

Today, take just a few seconds and look around you at all the blessings that you enjoy, start counting them and soon you will have a very grateful heart too!

Have a grateful day today!  Love Ya!

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Give Thanks Projects

Today I have some of the projects from our craft retreat earlier this fall.  We did some fun projects and these are the ones that were done for Autumn and Thanksgiving.  I have tons of decorations for Halloween and not so many for Thanksgiving, so I was glad to be able to make these that are for the Thanksgiving season.  I think that sometimes we just overlook Thanksgiving and our minds just go straight to Christmas.  I know I tend to do that, but I love that fact that we have a holiday to show our Thanks!  We all need to look around us at all the blessings that we have and stop and acknowledge them!  So, here are a couple of projects that will help you to remember to “Give Thanks!”


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Crafty Wood Cutouts

Monogram Wreath-Crafty Wood Cutouts

I was contacted by Crafty Wood Cutouts asking if I would be willing to do a project from their store and then blog about it, Um…yeah!

I went down to the retail store and it has some darling displays and ideas!  If you live in the Orem/Provo area, you really should check out this fun little store! If you don’t live nearby, check out their cute website!

I decided on a couple of different projects.  The first one is this classic monogram wreath:


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Fun Thanksgiving Printables and Games

Today I have a round-up of a few FUN Thanksgiving printables.


This first printable is for Thanksgiving Place cards and you can print them here.

There are 4 different ones to choose from or you can do a variety of all of them!  These are just a fold-over, so you just need to print, cut, fold in half and write names, or you could have everyone write one blessing, and have everyone guess who wrote what blessing!   So easy! Continue reading