Sept-2014-VT Blank

September 2014 Visiting Teaching Handout

Before I begin my post with the visiting teaching message, I would like to wish you all a very safe and fun Labor Day!  It is always fun to celebrate the last summer weekend and I hope that you get to spend it with someone you love…doing something that you love to do!  I spent the weekend at my most favorite boutique…Swiss Days!  I will share some of my finds with you tomorrow.  But let’s get on with the visiting teaching message for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints:Sept VT handout

This month the message is “The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: Comforter”  I chose the message from Linda S. Reeves;Sept-2014-VT

 Here is the blank version for those of you that would like to translate, or if you just need a fun fall card for another handout, invite, or a cute note!

Sept-2014-VT BlankClick on this link for the download:  Sept 2014 VT PDF  These are formatted to a 4 x 6 card, you can print your own or if you want to save on your ink, send them to your favorite photo processing center to be printed!

I chose to just pair this card with a fun chocolate treat…because chocolate is comforting…right??!Sept 2014 VT handoutAlso this bright orange package of Lindt/LINDOR truffles matched the card so perfectly that I thought it was another good reason to pick this treat!!  But seriously these truffles are to die for!

Happy visiting this month and remember that the visit is the most important part, not what you take with you!  Make sure that your sisters know how much you love and care about them… that is the most important part!

Thanks for visiting today!

28 thoughts on “September 2014 Visiting Teaching Handout

  1. Thank you so very much. I am using this TODAY. One of my sisters has diabetes. I cannot bring her sweets, but at least I can bring her this adorable handout

    1. Laura, the visit is what is important and I can tell that you already know your sisters well! Happy visiting and thanks for taking the time to write your sweet comment. I love hearing from you.

  2. This is great! I love the art work. I am not crafty, but always enjoyed what some of my more talented sisters would bring me…. Now i can do the same.
    thanks soooooo much for the challenge to use your ideas to make my 2014-2015 a 100% VT year!

    1. Shelly, thank you for taking the time to write! I appreciate you kind comment and your support. Good luck on your 100% this year and way to go for making this your goal! Hope you have a great day!

  3. I just love your sight with all the different creations that you have, my sister that I visit loves them too I always keep a copy for me too on my files .Sure comes in handy when ever have a talk I would always use quotes ,Thank you so much I read them often at home.

  4. Thank you for having such cute printables for us. I don’t have the ability to create such cute things. I know it means a lot to the ladies I share them with. Thank you for so much for letting us share your creations. I so deeply appreciate it!

  5. Thank you so much for making this beautiful handout AND for sharing it at our linky party! I’ve got them printed out for my visiting teaching AND I’m featuring you this week. The post will be live on 9/10! Thanks again for sharing, I will be back for more!

  6. Thank you for the cute idea for Sept message.

    Could you give me a little advice on how to tie the bow together and how it fastens to the card

    Thank You

    1. Just punch two holes in the bag and in the card at the same time, then put your ribbon in through the front and back out in the second hole and tie in a pretty bow!

  7. I love your design ideas and that you give an option blank card. would it be possible to give an option of just the message portion that those of us with minor skills could then mount and decorate for a demensional handout. Thank you so much for your skill and time spent.

  8. This is simply beautiful! Thank you so much! I am wondering if there is a way to save this as a jpg file? I am trying to get it uploaded to print at a photo development place, but their site wont read an adobe pdf. Are there any tricks that I am not doing? Thank you!

    1. Amy, you can click over the image and go to “save image as” and save it in a folder, I save it in one of my picture folders. That saves it as a jpg file and you can then send it to your favorite photo processing center. Hope that helps. Rita

  9. Thank you for your beautiful print out. I was wondering how to get it to print 4×6. I clicked on the link you made available but it printed out at almost 8.5×11. This was fine for the ladies I visit personally but does not work for those who like to receive a message in the mail. Can you help?

    1. Gail, you can hover over the picture in the blog post and right click. Go to “save image as” and save it in a folder. That will save it as a jpg file. You can then print it as a photo or send it to your favorite photo processing center. You can also right click over the image and go to “copy image” then open your favorite program like Word or presentations. Right click again and go to “Paste” you can then grab one of the little boxes on the corners and size it to the size that you want it to be and print it. Hope this helps!

  10. Rita, how fun to have you pop up as one of the first visiting teaching pins that I searched in pinterest?! You’re amazing as always and now I know where to find you. :) Thanks!

  11. Hi, Rita!! I think you are amazing, to take the time to share with the world your talents! I want to be able to create printables of my own for my other church callings. Could you please tell me what software you use to create yours? Thanks so much in advance!!!

    1. The software that I use is called Scrapbook Max and most of the images that I use are from I have a CU license to use their products, but you can purchase them for your own personal use. Hope this helps! Have a great day!

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