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Hanging Flower Stand

I have a really fun idea to share with you today…it is this fun hanging flower stand!

hanging plant stand

My sister made this for me for Christmas and I have been dying to get it planted!  I absolutely love this idea!  It looks like the flowers are in a frame!


Here is a close up of the flowers.  These are all shade flowers…because this stand will be in the shade! Duh!


The begonias are already beautiful.  I love that you can add instant color to your yard with flowers that are already blooming!


Pink Impatients!

hanging planter

To make one of these all you do is cut 2 x 4’s the size that you want the “frame” to be.  Add a 2 x 6 board to the bottom to make it stand good and a finial to the top!  Paint any color and add a hook to hang your pot on!  So darling!

This one measures:  20″ wide by 36″ high for the “frame”.

I love, love, love this and I am thinking about making one for my back yard!  Or maybe I should just recruit my sister to make me another one!  :)

How is your spring planting coming along?  I got 5 more pots planted this weekend, so I am on my way!  I still have about that many more to plant for my back patio.  If any of you need a tutorial on how to plant your pots, check out how to do it here.

Have a great Monday and go out and plant a pot or two!


7 thoughts on “Hanging Flower Stand

  1. OMGosh !!! What a wonderful present and a brilliant idea. Great inspiration Rita. I gotta try to make myself one out of one of my MANY frames and left over wood I have on hand. Have a great day.

    Hugs, Sheila

    1. Crystelle, I am so glad that you liked this idea. It is one of my favorites for my flowers. I plant many pots and planters, so I am always looking for new ideas and I am so glad that my sister made this for me! :)

  2. I love this! I have wanted to get a hanging basket stand, but I love the idea of making a custom one and this one is great. Thanks for sharing. I’ll pin this! Have a beautiful day. :)

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