baby boy quilt

Baby Boy Quilt

Today I have the fun little Baby Boy Quilt that I quilted on my trip to Canada!  This was a simple quilt to put together.  

I did not have a pattern…just cut out  5.5″ squares and put them in a design and added a couple of boy quiltDecided to buy a half a yard of each of these fabrics because I did not have a pattern, so I did not know how much fabric I would need.  

Luckily, I have enough fabric left over to make another quilt! (Except for the back)  

All of the fabrics are a soft, cuddly boy quiltThe pattern is just a staggered diagonal.  This was simple to lay out and to sew.  I sewed each row, then sewed the rows together.  I added a 2″ gray polka dot stop border and a 4″ navy blue outer border.

There are 6 blocks across and 8 rows boy quiltHere is a close-up of the quilting.  This quilt is quilted with a pantograph pattern.  A pantograph is a paper pattern that you “trace” with a laser light.  

You put the pattern on the back of your quilting machine and you quilt the quilt from the back side!  

I loved trying out this technique of quilting…you can tell that this was my first attempt, but it was fun learning it!baby boy quilt backWith a blue back and blue thread, my quilting does not show up too much!  And that is how I planned it!  :)  

My cousins said I need to use the bicycle experiment…which is, if you are riding by on a bicycle and can see a mistake in your quilting, you need to unpick it.  Otherwise, no one else is going to notice your mistakes!  I like that experiment!

I need to thank my cousins one more time, for showing me how to do a pantograph.  This technique is definitely something I want to try again!baby boy quiltSo this is my Baby Boy Quilt.   I have one done and one more to go!  These will be great to donate at Christmas time to one of the local hospitals!

Have you ever made a quilt with no pattern?  They are pretty liberating because there are no rules!  

Thanks for Visiting Today!  Hope you are having a wonderful Monday!

14 thoughts on “Baby Boy Quilt

    1. Bev, I really do not have a great stash of fabric. I try to only buy what I am going to use. I do have a few quilt kits that I have stashed up, but I don’t have a lot of yardage just sitting around. I do my quilting on my big quilting machine, not on my sewing machine. I have never quite learned how to do the free motion on the regular sewing machine. Thanks for the link, I will check it out! :) Craftsy has a lot of great tutorials!

  1. Hi Rita that is an awesome quilt and perfect for boy quilts. What is the name of the pantograph you used? And the size of the main squares? 5″? Great job and can’t wait to see more :-).

    1. Effie, I am not sure of the name of the pantograph, it belongs to the group that my cousins are involved with. But it was just stars and loops, so it was an easy pattern to learn on! My squares are 5.5″ as stated, as well as the different width of the two borders.

  2. Love love this quilt!! I took a picture and i am going to make it without snuggle/flannel fabric and see how it turns out. I have 6 coordinating fabrics with the Noahs Ark theme. Thanks for posting this pattern..

    1. Cheryl, I love that you are going to make a Noah’s Ark quilt. That sounds absolutely darling! This is an easy pattern to put together and it would be great for any matching fabrics that you have. Good luck!

    1. Teela, I made that quilt last year and I did not save the names of the fabric, I am sorry. It is all flannel fabrics, I don’t know if you could google it?

  3. What was the final size of the quilt? I’m going to make one for a friend and love this idea! Just need an idea on final size so I can get backing at the same time. Thank you!

    1. Tawni, Mine ended up about 40 x 50″, but you can make your quilt any size that you want by adding or taking away the borders and changing the size of the blocks.

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