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October 2014 Visiting Teaching Handout

Can you believe that it is October already???  Where does the time go?  I am excited to listen to conference this weekend and to just relax and enjoy the weekend in my sweats!

This month the Visiting Teaching message for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is:  The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ:  Bread of Life.Oct 2014 VT handoutI think that we all need to think about the quote from Elder D. Todd Christofferson about how we should look to God each day for the help and sustenance we require in that particular day.  How true this is and yet how often do we forget?  I also liked the “Consider This” question and added it to the top corner…When we come unto Christ, how does he nourish us?

Oct-VT-2014Here is the printable card.  I have had several people ask how to print this as a jpg file to send to a photo processing center.  You need to right click over the image and go to “save image as”  then save it in a (pictures) folder.  You can then send it to your favorite photo processing center to be printed or print it on photo paper from your own printer.  Both of these cards have been formatted to a 4 x 6 size card.  I recommend printing with the highest quality print and on photo paper to get the best results.Oct-VT-2014-BlankHere is the blank card for those of you that would like to translate or for those of you that need a fun invite, card, note or just a cute list paper!

Here is the pdf file, just click on the link for the download:  Oct VT 2014 Oct 2014 VT handoutI added a loaf of pumpkin bread from Kneaders…because it is such a sweet savory bread, this time of the year!  But you could add your own homemade bread or try this easy French Baguette Bread recipe.  You could also just add a fun Monster Mash mix instead of the bread.  I just thought the bread idea was fun to go with the “Bread of Life.”

Thanks for visiting today and Happy Visiting this month!

Sept-2014-VT Blank

September 2014 Visiting Teaching Handout

Before I begin my post with the visiting teaching message, I would like to wish you all a very safe and fun Labor Day!  It is always fun to celebrate the last summer weekend and I hope that you get to spend it with someone you love…doing something that you love to do!  I spent the weekend at my most favorite boutique…Swiss Days!  I will share some of my finds with you tomorrow.  But let’s get on with the visiting teaching message for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints:Sept VT handout

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Aug 2014 Visiting Teaching Handout

This month for the visiting teaching handout for my church the message is: Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: Messiah.

I knew that I wanted to use these fun ice cream images from Just So Scrappy, so I went with the title, “Here’s the Scoop!”

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July 2014 Visiting Teaching Handout

Here is my visiting teaching handout for July, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  This month the topic is: Jesus Christ…Advocate.July 2014 VT Continue reading

June 2014 VT handout

June 2014 Visiting Teaching Handout

It’s time once again for the visiting teaching handout for my church.

This month the message is Divine Mission of Jesus Christ:  Minister.

I really love this message this month, because so many great things happen when we minister to each other!  We truly can be the answer to other people’s prayers and what a great feeling that is!  I chose to focus on the quote from David L. Beck:June-2014-VT

June 2014 VT

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May 2014 VT handout

May 2014 Visiting Teaching Handout

First of all I have to apologize for the troubles that we had yesterday!  A lot of you let me know that you could not see any of the images or navigate around the blog, and I appreciate all of the support I recieved.  I think that we are now fixed up again!  Thanks for your patience  during  our new facelift!

This month for your visiting teaching message to your sisters, you will need to pick your favorite conference talk to teach.  There are so many good ones again this time that it is hard to pick! :)

Since it is soon going to be gardening time around here, I thought this would be a fun theme to work around, so I made my regular card, a blank card and a seed packet!May 2014 VT handout

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April 2014 Visiting Teaching Handout

Here is my visiting teaching handout for our church for this month.  

Again, we learn of a quality of Jesus Christ and this month it is

“Savior and Redeemer”.  

How appropriate for this Easter Season!

 I absolutely love the message by Sister Burton about the Savior and Redeemer!  It goes right along with the spiritual reason that we celebrate Easter and the importance of the atonement in each of our lives!  The story of the woman who compares herself to an old, used, crumpled up $20 bill is one that every single one of us needs to apply in our own life!

So, here is the printable that includes that message:


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March 2014 Visiting Teaching Handout

This month the visiting teaching message for my church is about being a light to the world.

I love that every month the messages focus on a character trait of the Savior, and this month the trait is:

The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ:  Light of the World.


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Feb.-2014-VT-000-Page-1 - Copy

Feb. 2014 Visiting Teaching Handout

Is it really February already? (well, almost)  My oh my, how times flies when you are having fun! :)

Here is my handout for my church’s visiting teaching handout for February.

All of the lessons this year are focused on a trait of the Savior.  

I love the trait for this month:

“Good Shepherd”

I decided to use this quote from President Monson: “Ours is the responsibility to care for the flock…May we each step up to serve” but the scriptures that are quoted this month are also excellent quotes and ideas!


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January 2014 Visiting Teaching Handout

I hope that you all had a great New Year’s Day!  

We had a great day and went to the movie, “Frozen”.  It is a darling movie and I can see why all the kids love it…I loved it!
 I was also able to start organizing a little bit, but I have a whole lot more to go!  I still have not put all my Christmas away, which is not like me, but I just cannot seem to jump in tackle it quite yet.  But I will! :)
Here is the Visiting Teaching handout for this month for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the title of this message is, “The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ:  Exemplar”
I really love the title of this and that is why I included it on this month’s handout.  I looked up the word exemplar and thought that I would include it here for you:
  1. a person or thing serving as a typical example or excellent model.
    “he became the leading exemplar of conservative philosophy”
    synonyms: epitome, perfect example, paragonideal, exemplification, textbook example, embodimentessencequintessence


    I love this definition and especially the word quintessence!  Click on that word to see what I mean.

    So here are the printables for this month:


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