book Christmas trees

Book Christmas Trees

Last fall at our Girl’s Weekend we learned how to make these Book Christmas Trees from my friend, Kathy.  I did not show these before now, because I made a couple of them for Christmas gifts!  But they are really easy to make and you can do them while you are watching a movie, a ballgame, Downton Abby or whatever it is that you like to watch! :)book Christmas treesI know that it is a little bit late to make these for this year, but pin it on Pinterest and keep the idea for next year!  You can get started right after Christmas for next year and have them all done and put away!   Are any of you out there really that organized???  I know that I am not… I work really well under a deadline!  :)

Here are the directions to make your own forest of book trees:how to make book trees

1. Take the cover off an old paperback book.  The older and yellower the pages the better! Make a trip to the DI or Goodwill and you can pick up these books for .50!  Fold the first page down from the top inside corner to the center of the book.  Make a crease.

2.  Fold that fold over again to the center.

3.  Repeat on each page.

4.  Make sure you keep the folds tight and to the center of the book.  

5. Keep folding the pages until you have formed a circle with the pages.  You can make your tree as full or as thin as you would like.  You need to make enough pages that you form a nice tree shape.  If you have a full tree and still have more pages, just cut or rip the excess pages out.  Hot glue together to form a tree.

Experiment with different sizes of books and paper textures.  You can make a whole tree lot if you want to!book Christmas trees

Hot glue the trees onto old candlesticks for the trunk.  These are actually glass candlesticks that I spray painted silver.  But I also found some silver metal ones at the DI, so keep your eyes open for candlesticks!book Christmas treesTo decorate mine, I hot glued silver pipe cleaners down the length of the tree, wound a silver garland around it and added clear gemstone “lights”  I found a wood star cutout and simply covered it with silver glitter.  So simple, but yet they are quite showy.  You could do different colors, I think that red would be beautiful too, and you could use tinsel for your garland and colored gemstones for your lights.  Think of all the possibilities!

So now you have another idea that you can use to bring Christmas into your home!

Happy Holidays Everyone! 

punch and coolies apron

Punch and Cookies Apron

I took a sewing class a couple of weeks ago and made a darling Christmas apron!  I was able to get one apron all done, but the bow, and another one half way done in the class, so you can see that this apron pattern is a simple one and yet it turned out so cute!punch and coolies apronI love all of the details in this pattern!  The serged hem in the red color, the drop waist, the big pink bow and the fun Christmas accent fabric!  It just all goes together perfectly!  apron classI took this class at a Fabric Store in Highland, Utah called “Just Sew”.  They had the fabric all cut out for us and we were ready to start sewing!  The teacher had a serger set up to sew the hem and all kinds of colors to use.  She is also the one who designed this apron…some people are really talented!   It  was a super fun class.  As you can see, I got the first apron done except for the bow!  It is a little bit tight over my big sweat shirt, but you can see how cute it fits!  :)  There were so many darling color combinations in this class that I cannot wait to make another one or two!  (after we get Christmas over with!)

If you would like to make one of these darling aprons you can find all her patterns here at Sew Much Good.

Here is a link to purchase the  Punch and Cookies pattern

Look how darling it is in these pink colors too!  The pattern comes with the flower on it, but there is a free download to make the bow like I did, on her blog!

punch and cookies apronSo this is my fun Christmas apron for this year…I gave one away to a friend and the other one is in my kitchen where I can see it every time I walk in there…which is many, many times a day! :)

punch and coolies I know that it is too late to make a Christmas Apron, but do you need a new bright and cheery apron for the spring?  These make darling gifts and they are not hard to sew so it is the perfect project in January to make one for you and one for a friend!  It is sure to brighten your day if you do!

Have a great weekend everyone!  We are really on the countdown now… Are you ready…or are you in a panic?  I hope that you will be able to enjoy these last few days until Christmas.  Take time to enjoy the


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Christmas Subway Art Round-up

Today I thought that it would be fun to just do a round-up of all the fun Christmas Subway arts that are out there!  These are just a sampling, but it was fun to put this together!  Time is ticking down until the big day, but I thought you might enjoy some eye candy instead of  real candy!  A little easier on the diet!

So let’s get started:  Just click on the link below each image to go to that website.  You can download each picture there.  Some of these links have several different images to choose from!

How to Nest for Less

The Frugal Homemaker

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The Kurtz Corner

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The Jonsey Files

Simply Chic Style

Pink Polka Dot Creations

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Two Easy Holiday Tips

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Rock-it Oil. All opinions are 100% mine.

Today I have two helpful tips to make your holidays easier!  Do the hustle and bustle of the holidays leave your kitchen in need of a pick-me-up?  Do you need an idea for a great party food or a wonderful dinner that everyone will love?  Well I have an answer to both of these questions!

I made some thin crust pizzas for the holidays and it leaves such a mess on my countertop with all of the flour, olive oil and water all mixed in there together.  But using this Rock-It-Oil Stone spray on the countertops…cleanup was a breeze!

Rock-it-oil Stone (more…)

Christmas Oreo Treats

Easy Christmas Oreo Treats

Last Friday I showed a couple of Easy Christmas Rice Krispie Treats.  Today I have a couple of easy Christmas Oreo treats!  These are super easy to make because you start with Oreo cookies…so there is no baking…just assembly!Christmas Oreo Treats (more…)

Rice Krispie Pops

Easy Christmas Rice Krispie Treats

I have a couple of super cute… easy...Christmas rice krispie treat ideas for you!  These are perfect for these busy hustle and bustle days that we are into right now!Christmas Rice Crispie Treats-001 (more…)

Oh Christmas Tree

Thursday’s Thought- Oh Christmas Tree

Today I have a thought and a song for you…not that the thought is a song, which it is…but I also have a song!  Does any of this make sense?  I think that I need to get more sleep!

I am one lucky girl because every time I walk outside at night, or look out my front windows…this is what I see!Oh Christmas Tree (more…)

naughty and nice pj's

Naughty or Nice Christmas Pajamas

I get all the kids Christmas pajamas for our Sinterklaas party every year, that way they can wear them all month long!  Sometimes I buy them, but this year I decided to make them. When we had our Girl’s weekend this fall and we were making all of our iron-on shirts, one of my friends gave me the idea to make these for Christmas!  And I think that they turned out darling!  The kids all loved them too, although they questioned some of the “nice” ones…like our littlest  baby girl…her brothers all said that she was “naughty”, but how can a darling baby girl be naughty???naughty and nice pj's (more…)

Santa Claus

Sinterklaas Party 2014

We had our annual Sinterklaas party last night and boy am I tired this morning!  It was a  lot of fun…but a lot of work!  We celebrate Sinterklaas day because my oldest son served a mission for the church in the Netherlands.  I have always loved the idea of welcoming in the Christmas Season with Santa!  We then celebrate the spiritual side of Christmas on Christmas Eve.Santa Claus (more…)


Snowflake Sprinkles Christmas Cookie Mix

I saw this idea at Crate and Barrel a month or so ago and I just thought that it was so cute!  I decided to make my own version of this mix.  This is perfect for the busy holiday season because it makes bar cookies which are fast and easy!  This is perfect for neighbor, teachers,  friends, the sisters you visit teach…or for yourself when time is tight!snowflake sprinkles cookie mix (more…)