How To Plant a Birdcage

Today I am here with a really fun project for spring.  I am going to show you how to plant a birdcage!  I love to plant pots and planters and I look for fun unique planters all year long.  This birdcage is just from Michael’s so it was an easy find, but you can use old buckets, watering cans, old coal buckets, or just about anything that will hold dirt!  You just have be sure there are holes in the bottom for the drainage.  So rusted out buckets are great! :)

All of the plants that I used in this planter are perennials, so they are really okay for me to put this outside, here in Utah!  If you are using annuals, you will want to keep your planter indoors until the weather is warm all of the time, unless of course, you already live where it is warm!


To create a beautiful pot or planter, you will need at least 3 different plants.  You will need “thrillers”, “fillers’, and “spillers”.

They are pretty self explanatory:  1.  The spillers are the plants that will spill over the edge of the pot and grow down.  I used the Creeping Phlox .

2. The fillers are the middle height plants in your pot.  You can have several different varieties and colors depending on the size of your pot or planter, but you will want them to be close to the same height.  I used English Daisies in white and pink.

3.  The thrillers are your tall grasses or centerpiece of the planter, in this case the Candytuft.

bird cage planter

1. Start with a birdcage, or pot.  If you need to line the bottom with a coco liner, you will do that first.  If you have a pot, make sure there are holes in the bottom for the water to drain out of.

2. Pick your plants “spillers, fillers and thrillers.”

3. Start around the outside edge and space your spillers.  (It is always good to work in odd numbers)  I used 3 creeping phlox around the outside of the birdcage.  Carefully pull some of the long runners through the wires in the birdcage so that they will “spill” around the outside.  Then add your “fillers”.  I used 3 English Daisies.  Space them between the “spillers”

4.  Last add your “Thriller” to the middle.  I used one candy tuft for my thriller.

5. Water thoroughly and sit back and enjoy!

Fill in all around your pots with good potting soil and pack it down, or water it good and add more dirt if you need to, to keep it full.


My candy tuft is not quite blooming yet, but when it does it will make a beautiful “thriller” with it’s small white blossoms!


So now you know how to add a little bit of color to your spring!

Are you ready to start planting and beautifying your neck of the woods?

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10 thoughts on “How To Plant a Birdcage

  1. I love this, what a great idea.
    I just bought some items for my sisters for their birthdays but now I’m thinking I will move those to Christmas so that I can give them flowers for their birthday.
    Thank you so much for this idea.

    1. What a fun idea for a birthday present! I would love to receive that. Thanks for sharing your idea with us. Have a happy day.

  2. What a lovely idea! I have a decorative birdcage that was used at our wedding, sitting on my porch right now. I would love to do this to it, but my birdcage only has a little latch door on one side. (The whole top does not lift off like yours.) Any tips on how to get all the flowers inside? Also, would you suggest drilling holes in the bottom of the birdcage (mine is solid metal) for drainage?

    1. Yes, you will need to drill holes in the bottom for drainage. As far as getting the flowers in you will just need to very carefully wiggle them through the small opening, being careful not to break any of the plants. Good luck! What a fun way to remember your wedding day!

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