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Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival

We went out to the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival and it was gorgeous!  We took tons of photos…so hope you enjoy the show!Tulip festival 2016-004The colors were absolutely amazing!  It was a bit of a cold, overcast day, but it was perfect for taking pictures…and so we did!Tulip festival 2016-002Of course my favorite color is pink and there were so many varieties of pink that were all blooming at the same time!  I was in love!  I love the middle picture on the right hand side of this collage, it just looks like a wedding!  And what about those fuzzy pink tulips…to die for!Tulip festival 2016-003The yellows were so bright and cheery that it made you smile!  We all thought that the top right flower looked like a pineapple!  Don’t you think so too?Tulip festival 2016-007There were fun tulip signs with fun sayings on them that we loved reading and the boat filled with lanterns was one of the kids favorite thing!  Tulip festival 2016-005Here are the reds all standing like the royalty that they are!  They demand a little attention…so we gave it to them.Tulip festival 2016The orange colors look like a carnival to me.  They are fun and playful all the time!Tulip festival 2016-001The purples have a deep sense of serenity.  They are peaceful and relaxing!Tulip festival 2016-006Everyone enjoyed the cool spring day, it was perfect for taking a walk, being with cousins, developing our photography skills, and of course smelling all the wonderful scents…I just could not get enough of the wonderful scents!  :)tulip festival 2016There was this delightful scene of umbrellas just hanging from the trees, it was like a magical  garden!tulip festival 2016We all had a great time in spite of the cool weather.  In fact the kids never said a word about it!  I loved spending time with a few of my grandkids and hopefully they will have some fond memories too!tulip festival 2016I have a confession to make…my 10 year old granddaughter took most of these beautiful pictures.  She remembered a lot of the things we talked about last summer when we came to the gardens and she was practicing them again!  I think that she did a wonderful job.  I did the editing because she was not here at the time, but she is also getting pretty good at editing her photos too.  Kids…aren’t they amazing?  It took me years of practice and I still don’t get it right sometimes!

Hope you enjoyed the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival!  

Thanks for Visiting!

10 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival

  1. Absolutely beautiful photos
    You are giving your grandchildren a variety of wonderful experiences
    They are very fortunate to have you

    1. Rosanne, Thank you…I will tell my granddaughter that she did a good job with her photography! She loves to take pictures and is learning a lot! Hope you have a great day!

    1. Carol, I know…wasn’t that darling!! It made me smile too. You probably need the umbrellas up there in the northwest! :) It is beautiful country up there, but it does rain a lot! Hope you have a great sunshiny day! :)

  2. Looks like you all had a great time at the Gardens!

    We took my mom and brother-in-law last week when they were in town. Mom was amazed at the many varieties of tulips. We missed the pink and yellow ones though – those are gorgeous!

    1. Roberta, We did have a great time at the Gardens…I am glad that you were able to make it there too. I am always amazed by the many varieties of spring blooming flowers that there are! I guess that I need to plant a few more in my yard. :) Hope you have a great day.

  3. Rita, tell your little granddaughter, thumbs up ! Beautiful pictures ! The tulips are so beautiful after a drab winter. I love the bleeding heart. We are high mountain desert and green and beautiful are not our “life”, so flowers are so welcoming this time of year.

    1. Lauraly, Thank you for your comment, I will tell my granddaughter. I agree with you that all the flowers are a wonderful welcome to spring! They just brighten our world and bring joy and happiness. Hope you have a beautiful day!

  4. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Rita, thank you so much for sharing so much beauty with us!! Gorgeous, lovely, beautiful, healing!!

    1. Norma, You are so cute! Thank you for your sweet comment. I am glad that you enjoyed the pictures, they made me happy too. Hope you have a wonderful day full of spring time goodness!

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