40 day conference reading-April 2015

40 Day Conference Challenge-April 2015 Conference

Okay everyone…Are you up to the challenge???  I have the new 40 day Conference Challenge.  This  bookmark is for the April 2015 Conference from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.40 day conference reading-April 2015

We are going to start our 40-day Conference Reading Challenge in  Relief Society for church.  This challenge will start on Aug. 19th and end the Sunday before October General Conference.  Can you believe we are that close to Conference??   I made the bookmarks for this reading challenge again, and wanted to share them with you… for those of you that would also like to do this!  You read one conference talk per day for 40 days in a row!  This is a great review of what we were taught in the April conference and to see if we have applied any of the talks into our lives!

Here are the downloads for the bookmarks.  There are 3 to a page and I printed them double sided and then cut them into 3 bookmarks. (I am sorry that these are not perfectly spaced…just trim about 1/4″ around the black line on the reading schedule side!)

April 2015 Conference Challenge- Front

April 2015 Conference 40 day Challenge-2

These would be great to give to the sisters you visit…as a challenge, or to do together as a family or to challenge a friend, spouse, or neighbor to read with you!  

One thing that you can do is to spiral bind your magazine:conference magazineI love to do this because your magazine will lay out flat.  I also use a big paper clip to keep the bookmark in place.  But this is just an option if you want to do it.  Just take your magazine to a copy center or any place that does book binding.  I also like to laminate my front and back cover to give it a little more stability.

It is a great experience to read all of the talks in the suggested random order for 40 consecutive days and remember the counsel that we were given in conference.  I included the “News of the Church” as the last reading assignment, so that we could get to know more about some of our new leaders.

I recommend that you purchase your own Conference magazine and a marker, so that you can mark it up and write your own notes and feelings in the margins.  You have a week to get everything together and we can all start together next week!

Are You Up to the Challenge?

61 thoughts on “40 Day Conference Challenge-April 2015 Conference

  1. Thank you for this challenge. I seem to always find time to read other things except the things that will really benefit me. Looking forward to starting the challenge. Also, I just got a binding machine…going to go bind my conference issue right now!

    1. Joan, I know what you mean! I am doing this challenge for me as much as anyone else! :) I love that you are going to bind your conference issue. I might just have to do my own too, as I have not taken it in anywhere yet! Thanks for the idea.

    1. Loretta, We do this challenge together in my ward with all the RS sisters and I love that we can include those sisters that we visit. Good luck with the challenge. Hope you have a great day.

    1. Sheila, You are welcome! I wish you luck with this challenge and it is fun knowing there are many others that are doing it right along with you! Have a great day.

    1. Overland, I am so glad that you are willing to accept this challenge. It is a great one and you will be so glad that you did! :) It is fun knowing that there are many others reading everyday right along with you.
      Hope you have a wonderful day,

    1. I am sorry, I only have it in the bookmark format. You will have to copy and paste it to make your own word format.

    1. Barbara, I am so glad to have you on board! It is a fun challenge and it is great knowing that many others are reading right along with you! Good luck!

  2. Hi Rita!
    What a great challenge! I have done this on my own for many Conferences but it is so fun to have it organized in a bookmark!

    1. Debby, I hope you enjoy this challenge. It is kind of fun knowing many others are reading the same thing as you are! :) Thanks for your comment and for your sweet support. Hope you have a great day!

    1. Brenda, Welcome aboard! So glad that you are willing to take on this challenge. It is fun to know that many are doing this same challenge and we are all in it together! :) Hope you have a great day.

  3. I am so excited to take this challenge. The 19th is the first day of school and I think this is a marvelous way to keep my focus on the Lord while dealing with all the loveliness that comes with school.

    1. Amanda, So glad that you are willing to take this challenge! It is a great way to start off the new school year and get ourselves back in the swing of things. Good luck and happy reading!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing! This is a great idea. A couple of my friends and I have been trying to study the conference talks from April but haven’t been as good as we’d like. This will kick-start us! :-)

    1. Cori, This is a great thing to do with friends…because you can always keep checking on each other. :) There are many that will be doing this right along with you. Good luck with this challenge!

  5. Rita, I was just thinking about this the other day and wondering if you were going to do this again. I did the last challenge you posted in winter/spring and so much enjoyed it! Thank you for doing this!

    1. Jan, Thank you for your kind comment. I think that I am as excited as anybody to get started with this challenge! Summer was just too busy and now we need to get back to life and doing the things that we know we should be doing. Good luck with the challenge, there will be many others doing it right along with us!
      Have a great day,

    1. Connie, So glad that you are on board for the challenge! Good luck, it will be great knowing that many others are doing it with you! Happy Reading,

  6. thank you for organizing this rita… when you shared the one 6 months ago i was in a stake RS presidency and we challenged each of the ward presidencies to participate … we felt a great unity and felt prepared for April 2015 conference … now I am serving in a ward presidency and we will be challenging our ward sisters to participate … love this! thank you for sharing your talents … xo

    1. Julie, You are welcome. So glad to know that you are challenging other sisters. It does create a great unity to know that you are all reading the same article every day and thinking about the same things! Thanks for sharing with others!

  7. Is it just my printer, or is the Be Great page not printing the left correctly? It seems to be cutting off, no matter if I tell it to fit to page or not.

    1. Kathleen, It must be your printer because I printed a hundred of these for my ward. Do you have the printer set to full page? Hope you can get it to work.

  8. This is wonderful! I have been thinking I need to dig in more to conference – I will join you! Thanks for sharing your great ideas – your RS sisters are so lucky!:)

    1. Valerie, Thanks for joining us and accepting this challenge! It is fun knowing that many others are on board with you! Happy Reading!

  9. My friend and i are taking the challenge together ! We are excited ! Do you mind if i share this on my blog ? Also…is there a fb group set up for this yet so we can share our thoughts and encourage each other ? :) thanks ! Jl ~

    1. Jaelle, Thanks for doing the challenge with us! It is always fun to do a challenge with someone else! You are welcome to share this on your blog as long as you link back to Pink Polka Dot Creations. There is not a fb group set up, if you decided to set one up, let me know so that I can share it! Hope you have a great day and Happy Reading!

  10. Oops! I stand corrected! I was only looking at the general conference magazine and hadn’t thought to look at the May magazine. I found lots more great reading articles!

  11. Hi Rita,
    Just a quick THANK you for this!! For sharing your talents and for inspiring others!! I posted a link for this idea to my Facebook page this week and I offered to make bookmarks and laminate them for anyone interested in participating with me. As of this morning, I’ve make over 30 bookmarks to either drop off or mail out to friends, family and ward members! THANKS A TON!

    1. Robyn, Wow! Way to go! I love that you are sharing this with other people! It is always more fun knowing that others are doing this with you. Thanks you for sharing your ideas with us and also for taking the time to write your kind comment. I hope that you have a great day…and Happy Reading!

    1. @lli, Thank you for taking the time to comment. I think that we all need a “fabulous” kick in the pants! :) Good luck with this challenge and Happy Reading!

    1. Katie, Glad to have you aboard! You can easily catch up and you will be reading right along with the rest of us! :)
      Hope you have a great day and Happy Reading!

    1. Valerie, so glad that you are on board and that you have some of your family doing this with you! It is always so much better to have others to discuss this challenge with! Happy Reading!

  12. Rita,
    Thank you so much for presenting this challenge- You have no idea how many people it has benefited- my friends that I go walking with, family members, my visiting teachers beat, I appreciate how you have put topics together it has reinforced the principle. I anticipate conference more because of this challenge- you are amazing!

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