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Summer is almost here and I have a fun, cute idea for your car!  How many of you feel like you spend more time in your car than in your home?  I know that I used to feel that way when my kids were involved in sports, dance, music etc.  It seemed like all I did was carpool!  If this sounds like you, then you need this handy little kit to leave in your car and you will always be prepared!I just got a new purse and I needed to downsize some of the things in it.  I had a smaller version of some of these things in a small pouch, but I was carrying it around with me in my purse everywhere I went, so this is a much better idea to just put it in my car, where I can get it whenever I am out  and about, but I don’t have to haul it in my purse!

Here is my list, but you can personalize yours to fit your needs:

Baby wipes

Nail clippers and file



Sticky Notes



Tide to Go


Throat Lozenges

Hair Spray

Hand Sanitizer


Band aids

Here is what it looks like all packed in my cute little case.  It really isn’t completely stuffed, so if I think of other items, I have room to add them!  I love that the baby wipes fit perfectly in the zippered pouch!Here is what my case looks like.   I just got it at Wally World, but I love that it is flat and it fits right under my car seat!  How perfect is that?  Now I am better organized in my car for all the road trips and running around town that I will be doing this summer and my shoulders are thanking me because my purse just got a little lot lighter!Wouldn’t this be a fun gift?  You could totally personalize it and who wouldn’t love to get something like this?  I know I would! :)

Have a Great Day Everyone!  Love Ya!

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128 thoughts on “Cute Car Kit

  1. Such a great idea! Not only is it convenient, but think of the extra weight you were lugging around in your purse!! Perfect plan to keep it all in the car where you can get to it if need be, but don’t have to carry it around. Love this. Pinning this. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for joining me and for your nice comment. I love to hear from my readers! And yes my shoulders are already thanking me!

    1. This is a great gift and you can personalize it for many different things. Thanks so much for your comment!

  2. Love this idea. We did something similar with car oil, trash bags, safety pins and similar items to yours. I need to revamp it again since we use it all the time but it comes in so handy. We also threw in a small football so if we are at an outdoor event we always have one handy

  3. Great idea. I keep a small first aid kit in the car, but I’m always wanting baby wipes (even though kidlet is 7!) and sometimes I want a mint or other piece of hard candy. I’m going to be rethinking my “first aid kit” to include some of these things.

    1. Thank you for your comment, this is what I love about the car kit, the fact that you can personalize it just for you!

  4. What a fantastic idea! I feel like I am always lugging around about five extra pounds…Thanks so very much for linking up to Show and Tell Wednesday!

    xoxo, Tauni

  5. Such a cute idea…I have a bag of some of these items in the car already, but I love the list and the organization. I wrote a post on entertaining kiddos in the car this week, and wish I had seen this to include in it!

    Shara @ Palmettos and Pigtails

    1. Thanks for your comment, I love to hear from my readers! I love how you can personalize these kits for any occasion or family!

  6. What a clever idea and I love the case! I have my stuff in my center console, but I’d much rather it look like this! Thank you so much for sharing at Mix it up Monday :)

  7. Oh!! It would make a great gift, you’re totally right! So.. feel free to gift it to me hehe

    Thanks for sharing at The DIY Dreamer… From Dream To Reality!

  8. I pinned this earlier today to check out later and just now I clicked it from a linky party! It’s a sign! I absolutely love this idea! I am so going to have to give it a try! You’ve got a new follower in me!

  9. I so could have used one of these on our last weekend getaway. I must remember this. Thank you for sharing this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see you again tomorrow. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  10. This what I usually do when my husband and I go on trips but I love the idea of taking all that out of my purse on a daily basis. It would save so many backs from pain and suffering.

    Love it : )

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment, I love to hear from my readers! I am still loving my car kit and use it all the time. My back thanks me too. :)

  11. This is a great idea! I will have to disagree with putting any type of medication in the pack though. Cars heat up to 150 F and higher in the summer and below freezing (depending on where you live) and most medication needs to stay at room temp in order to stay stable and safe!

  12. I would not put medication in the kit! At least here in the south, the heat of the summer will alter the chemical composition of the meds… so says my pharmacist friends. Just a thought.

  13. Just saw this on Pinterest. What a great idea! My purse is always so heavy and I have rheumatoid arthritis that affects my shoulders so they’re always hurting. But a lot of this stuff is necessary to have on hand…especially when you have kids. This will be so helpful to me! Thank you! :-)

    1. So glad that you can use this idea. I am still loving mine and use it all the time! Thank you for commenting and for your support! :)

  14. What a great idea. Also, you could make an emergency snack kit with crackers, fruit snacks, etc. I have 4 kids and sometimes we are out and about longer than planned and to have these items in there would be nice. Thank you

  15. I also keep a large bath towel or beach towel and when my kids eat in the backseat they can put it over themselves so no food goes on them or the seats. I have used it on several occasions works great!

  16. I would add hair ties, bobby pins, and one of those little folding brushes with a mirror! Just because I drive with the windows down and my hair flies all over the place :)

  17. These would make wonderful Christmas gifts for young adults for their cars. Always trying to think of different gifts for my daughter. She travels to Philadelphia every week for grad school. I think i will put toll money in this and a pack of tissues

    1. Consider using the tubes of mini M & M’s for coins so that she has them readily at hand while she’s driving. ;)

  18. I would have to add scissors to mine, I never seem to have them when I need them. Also, I keep a basic pocket knife in my glovebox, it comes in handy all the time!

    1. If you have kids or pets you should always keep scissors or a sharp pocket knife in your car. They like to mess with seatbelts and strangulation is possible. I’d rather be able to cut it off my kids neck quickly then try to untangle them!
      I agree with not keeping meds in there but I’d throw in a spare disposable diaper or pull up if you have one that uses them and some feminine products! Some pencils and a couple scratch pads entertain my kiddos when we have to wait in the car and I like to keep a small bag of dog treats. We do not have a dog but on more than one occasion I’ve had a stray dog come up to my car or block the road. It’s a good way to get a friendly dog to allow you to check their tags for a phone number or throw it to lure a not so friendly one away! I keep a 2nd car charger for my phone too because it never fails that something happens to mine just when I really need it! Also a quart size freezer bag filled with plain rice so when you drop your phone in a puddle you can take it apart and burry it in the rice to pull the moisture out as soon as it happens! This has saved my phone several times:)

  19. I made one of these for my sister for her birthday that I packed full of samples and freebies and small things. I have a backpack full in my car also, in case of an “emergency.”

  20. Making two of this up for my twin daughters who are away at college, so I can mail them to them and they can stick right in the car. Thanks

    1. Watch the chap stick and deodorant if you live somewhere hot. We’ve learned the hard way that both melt at the most inoperable times. :P

  21. Oh and q-tips, tweezers, mini flash light, little needle and thread, maybe $10-$20 cash incase you forget wallet, and pepper spray!! (:

    Perfect 16th birthday gift!! If so, add a car freshener.

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  23. Ponytail holders, bobby pins, and safety pins would definitely have to be added to mine. Love the idea though, will be making one very soon. Thanks for sharing!!

  24. My daughter got her first car this fall. For Christmas this year she wants things for the car. I am sooooo fixing her one of these. Thanks for the idea, I love it.

  25. not sure tho about the medecine…well it depends where you live….but a lot of medecine needs to be conserved in between 5 and 30 degrees 9 (like tylenol)….not so good in summer and winter… Just wanted to mention it…im a pharmacist.

    1. Yes, I agree with you that you should not leave any meds in the car. Thanks for your comment. It would be a good idea to leave your meds in your purse, if you need to have them with you.

  26. Just made one of these for my sixteen year old daughters b-day. I used a plastic $1 store container, but I love the packaging. We have a few LL Bean lunch boxes laying around that would work geat for this in my car.

  27. You can buy sick bags from pharmacies have a solid plastic ring to hold and a long bag attached (that can be twisted off to contain mess). I have kids so I’d include a few of these.

    I have an emergency pack in my car – nothing this flash or extensive, but I include a couple of kids hats, a polar fleece blanket (can be used to sit on if there are any “accidents” and car seats end up wet as polar fleece is water repellant) and a few basic items if clothing such as a t-shirt that would fit most of my kids, and some spare kids undies, maybe some shorts.

  28. All great ideas for a fantastic emergency kit. The only other items I would add that haven’t been mentioned would be $10 in one dollar bills, scissors, toothbrush and toothpaste, small comb and a wash cloth. I use an old plastic pill bottles to hold a zip lock bag and other one to hold Q-tips and quarters. I also carry an emergency contact sheet with phone numbers and addresses. I love your flat container, thanks for your site.

  29. I made mine out of a lunch box I got at Goodwill…$2.00. I also have a samll lunch-box size cooler with water bottles, grain bars, snacks, etc. Almost everything is from the dollar store or sample sizes.

  30. Not sure if there is any problem with leaving them in the car. I am in the South were the weather gets really hot and then cold (80s one week, below freezing the next). I keep glasses cleaning cloth, glasses repair kit, contact rewetting drops, lens cleaner (in case a contact falls out unexpectantly), lens container, have left an extra pair in there with no untoward problems (used a pair that were samples from the eye doctor so in case something happened it wasn’t a pair from my “good supply”). Just some of the stuff we use. My husband often asks for a lens cleaner and it is nice to have the stuff we need.

  31. I have a larger container that I keep in the back of my Outback – my husband gives me a bad time about it, but …

    I keep gloves/mittens, first aid kit, CPR book, Kotex pads (good in an emergency to stop bleeding), baby wipes, baggies for picking up doggie messes, umbrella, sunscreen, plastic silverware, a sharp knive (to cut an apple, etc.), an envelope with all my car repair receipts (this has saved me money so many times when there is a warranty repair – I have surprised many service people this way), paper towels/travel toilet paper, those little packages of Kleenix, safety pins, a flashlight, those silver blanket things from Girl Scouts, a whistle … I am sure I am forgetting some things. This sits on top of the quilt that I keep there so we have a blanket to sit on and/or to wrap around us if we get cold. After sitting in a long line of cars in the middle of the night on a trip to the coast, I added a water bottle to the box – we had a dad going car to car trying to find someone with a water bottle so his wife could make a bottle for their baby – they had left home with plenty of formula ready for the baby but did not plan on getting stuck because of a tree down across the road on a lonely road – I didn’t have any and felt very bad. Now, I am more prepared. I also keep a doggie backpack in the car – extra leashes since you never know when you might run into a stray, doggie treats, doggie food, doggie dishes and of course, the ever needed doggie bags for cleaning up after my furry friend!

    1. So there you go folks, there are lots more ideas that you can add, if you want to do a bigger car kit! Thanks for sharing all of your ideas.

  32. Could also keep a $20 bill in there for an emergency. Like you see yard sale, farmer’s market, or frozen custard shop and forgot to bring your wallet. Or I guess a REAL emergency if you run out of gas! Just replace it when you get home so you have it for next time.

  33. I have several kits in the car using the $1 plastic shoe bins (these also fit well under most car seats). One I keep general first aid/personal items. In the other I keep emergency car repair supplies; electrical tape, duct tape, pliers, multi screw driver, small roll of wire, flash light, spare fuses. You never know when you might need to wire up a muffler or make a temporary repair to a split hose.

  34. I did something like this. I got a soft side lunch box at Goodwill. I added the things you did plus sissors, needle and thread, safety pins, tape, a small bottle of water, a pocket knife,note paper, pen,snack bar. It all fit in a very small lunch box. I did it a year ago and I have used stuff out of it many, many times. The sissors and pocket knife the most.

  35. I was actually looking for something like this to replace the diaper bag for our car. My youngest is at the beginning of potty training, but we always need that spare diaper and wipes just in case and lugging a huge bag around was a burden and took up room in our car. This sounds like a great idea for the my car.

  36. I’ve tried this a couple different ways and all is well until summer time comes. I can’t tell you how many times I have has to clean up melted, deoderant, exploded lip gloss, leaked hairspray and perfume because of the heat and pressure. Any ideas for triple digit Houston summers?

    1. Maybe you could try an insulted bag. I know they make them for lunches, so perhaps that would help, but I don’t know because I haven’t tried it.

    2. Oops! I just posted the same thing and then read all of these comments. I’m in Houston too. Yeah, melted deodorant eww!

  37. I seem to suffer a similar fate as Amanda and Victoria. I live in the 105 degree desert heat of Texas and the wipes would dry out completely after a week (or less), the lip balm would melt after one hour, etc, etc… This is a great idea, but I would definitely need to keep it in my purse.

  38. Throw in a lighter, a pair of scissors or pocket knife, a whistle, and a $20 bill. Never know when or why, but all these things have come in handy for me!

  39. To rehydrate dried out wipes, just pour some water on them. I store mine in a zip lock bag so that I can just dump some water in the bag when they dry out. It works great. This way, you can keep the same wipes in your car all year (although you may have to sit on them to thaw them if you live in a cold place).

    1. I put those types of things in an insulated bag, like a lunch tote. It protects from heat and cold (to a point). I keep the meds in my purse, but the insulated bag helps protect the baby wipes and scented things from going bad so quickly.

  40. Floss! Sometimes you’ve just got to get something from between your teeth – and that’s when I maniacally look for anything that will do the job. Great idea – I’ve been mulling over something like this in my head, but seeing the list and photos will get me past the idea stage. Thanks!!

    1. You are right! Floss would be an excellent thing to add to your car kit! Thanks for sharing and good luck in making your own car kit! :)

  41. This is such an awesome idea! I have been wanting to do this for my car for a while but I would always end up forgetting! I was wondering where you got the bag to put all the things in. It is super cute!!

    1. Yesenia, I got my bag at Walmart, in the make-up department. It has been a few years ago, but they seem to always have cute bags! :)

  42. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. It’s just that it gets SO incredibly hot in the car in the Houston summer. I couldn’t figure out a way to keep things from melting and/or at a reasonable temperature so things wouldn’t go bad.

    Ideas anyone?

    1. Britt, It is a cosmetic bag. I found it at Wal-Mart, but it has been a couple of years ago. But they have perfect bags for this car kit.

  43. Incredible idea.

    I think it would be a great sewing kit for all you needs at a class, retreat, etc. Or set up to use at home for hand sewing.

  44. Found this via Pinterest and have to say, I’m making this for my cousin-in-law….lol my husband’s cousin. And she has a young girl so I think I might make her one too only with colored pens and those lil pads with all kinds of things in them(brain magnets aren’t conneting). Anyway thanks for the great idea for Christmas gifts!!! By the way, Merry Christmas to you and your family from mine in Iowa!

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