Mistle”toes” Gift Idea

I have seen this fun idea out there in blog land and thought that it was so cute that I needed to do it for my granddaughters!  It seems like all the kids have crazy sock day at school, so they could use these for that, right?  I found these darling snowman socks at Target and just had to get them, and these socks are just so soft and warm that they can wear them for slippers.


 To make your Mistle “Toes”, all you need is a fun pair of socks and this tag!  

So if you are needing some little last minute gift ideas or stocking stuffers, here you go!  

All you have to do is buy a fun pair of socks and print this tag!  

Mistle-toes-tag-000-Page-1To print these tags, just right click over the image and go to “save image as” then save in a folder.  Or you can right click over the image and go to “copy image”  then open your favorite program, like Word or Presentations, and right click again and go to “paste”.


Do you know someone who could warm their mistle “toes” this Christmas Season?  

This is a fun way to give a cute pair of socks to them!

Happy Holidays Everyone!  Love Ya!

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3 thoughts on “Mistle”toes” Gift Idea

  1. The tags are the cutest. A friend did suggest buying her socks, I didn’t. Guess who’s going sock shopping…..for everyone. LOL Thank you, you made my night.

    Am wondering if you’ve read a blog/story, about Jesus receiving three gifts at His birth. The story then went on to suggest that a family tradition could be started to receive three gifts for Christmas. If you have a copy, would you send it to me?

  2. Great idea and CUTE!! This is a great gift idea just to have in the closet in case you need a last minute easy gift. THANK YOU!!

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