a primitive garden quilt

Primitive Garden Quilt

Primitive Garden Quilt

I finally got my “Primitive Garden” Quilt finished after about 2.5 years!!!

I love everything about this quilt and I am so glad that I took this challenge on, when I had never even done any wool applique projects before!a primitive garden quiltJust a word of warning…this post is very photo heavy!!  :)

I decided that I would take my quilt on a little photo shoot in the country, and I may or may not have gotten just a little bit carried away!a primitive garden quiltThis is the full quilt hanging off the deck at our cabin. 

I love the full effect of the quilt…and have decided that it will be a wall hanging instead of a bedspread!

The name of this quilt is called, “A Primitive Garden”.  The pattern is from Primitive Gatherings.

I did this quilt as a block of the month from “The Christmas Goose” quilt shop in Las Vegas, Nevada.  

They shipped the blocks to me every month and were so good to answer any questions that I had!a primitive garden quiltHere are a couple of close-ups of some of the blocks….a primitive garden quiltLoved doing this quilt and I am ready to get started on another block of the the month!  :)a primitive garden quiltThe first stop on my road tour, was this beautiful home in Oakley, UT.  

I just went up to the door and asked if I could take a few pictures of the quilt on their old wagon out in the yard.  The lady there was so nice and  she and her husband both came out and talked to me and told me about their beautiful home!a primitive garden quiltThis picture is on the gate that led into their yard.  I wanted to show you the border that I ended up putting across the back of the quilt!  It was made from left-over 2 inch squares that went into all of the borders around each appliqued block.Quilt Road Tour-004My next stop was actually at one of our friend’s that live up in Oakley.   She happened to be outside when we drove by, so we stopped and had a good little visit and I took these fun pictures out in her beautiful yard!  a primitive garden quilt

Don’t you just love the backgrounds of all of these pictures!
This picture was taken on an old fence that is on the way back to our cabin.  The old fence was a natural place to hang this “garden” quilt!a primitive garden quiltSo that is my Primitive Garden Quilt tour!

I loved this picture of the flag in the background…however I did not love the telephone poles!!!

I just got Photoshop Elements and I am in the process of learning it.  Maybe when I get good enough, I can get rid of the telephone poles!!:)

Thanks for Visiting…Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

12 thoughts on “Primitive Garden Quilt

    1. Renee, Thank you! I joke that this quilt better darn well be the one the kids fight over after I am gone!! :) Just kidding of course!

    1. Annie, Thank you, both for taking the time to write and for your kind comment! Hope you have a wonderful day.

  1. OH, SO Beautiful Rita!! Remember, to someone those poles mean they have electricity!! (smiley) I like the poles!! and LOVE the quilt there!

    1. Mardene, Thank you so much for your kind comment and your wonderful sweet support! I know that someone is very glad to have those poles there…I would be if I lived there! Thanks for your positive attitude! Hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. The quilt is beautiful. Thank you for sharing, I wouldn’t be too concerned about the poles. They just authenticate the rural area. Cities have metal poles and towers to carry electricity.

    1. Cathleen, thank you so much for taking the time to write your kind comment. I appreciate your sweet support. I know that those that live in that area are very grateful for those power poles, and you are right about it being authentic to the area! Thank you!

  3. What a masterpiece! I’m sure you are very proud of your hard work. Simply beautiful! Love every one of your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Cindy, Thank you so much for taking the time to write your kind comment. I am pretty proud of this quilt and I appreciate your kind words and thoughts. Thanks again!

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