Thursday’s Thought-Don’t Judge Others

Today my thought is one that you have probably heard before.  I have had it for several years written in vinyl in my hallway.  And President Utchdorf used it in one of his conference talks, so it must be a good one right?!

I have to remind myself of this when I tend to get critical of others.


This is a good thought to print and have where it is  a constant reminder…at least for me it is!

This print is now available in my shop as a pdf download

Don’t Judge Others

Happy Thursday Everyone!  Love Ya!


2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thought-Don’t Judge Others

  1. Every morning (especially lately) I wake up and tell myself, “Don’t judge them, just love them.” But it’s SO much easier said than done! This really puts it into perspective for me. Thanks for helping me find away to accomplish the things I was already trying to do… but, failing at! You are truly inspired.

    1. Helen, I think that this is something that we all need to work at consistently. It just seems to be easier to justify our own feelings if we judge others, but we all know that a lot of times things are not how we perceive them.

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