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Thursday’s Thought

I have not done a Thursday’s Thought for quite awhile, so I think it is time!

This is a fun thought for the month of March with rainbows.  It does not have a pot of gold in it, but it can be worth it’s weight in gold if we were all to do it!  :)rainbow-thought Continue reading


You’ll Never…Thought

I have not done a thought in a long while, so when I saw this one the other day, I thought it would be a great motivational thought for not only, those students going back to school, but for each one of us!  

You’ll Never…ThoughtYou'll-Never-Be-BraveNo one likes to makes mistakes or encounter failure, but if we do…we need to remember that all of our experiences in this life are just to help us grow and learn.  

Sometimes it can be a scary world out there and we are too hard on ourselves.  But if we can stand back and take a look at what we learned from a certain experience and be better for it, then we can turn a bad experience into a wonderful growing experience.  We need to learn these lessons for ourselves, but we also need to teach our children how to handle life’s disappointments!

This would be a great one to frame for your home, office, kids, or for yourself!  It is formatted to an 8 x 10 size for those that would like to print it.  Just click on the link below for your free printable download!

You’ll Never

I hope you’ll take a moment to think about this, You’ll Never…Thought.  There are a lot of you’ll never’s out there and we need to be able to turn them into a positive not only for ourselves but for our families!

Hope you have a great weekend.  Think positive and soon the “you’ll never” will turn into the “You Will!”

Thanks for Visiting!


Thursday’s Thought-It’s all Good

Here is my newest installment of the Thursday’s Thought! 

I saw this saying on a plaque when I was with the girls on our “Girl’s Weekend” a few months ago and I thought that this would be a fun one to frame.  You could also print this and put it on a wood block to make it look like a canvas print.  If you do that, just be sure to print your photo in a matte finish!  I did it in black and white so that it could go with any color decor.  This is formatted to an 8 x 10 size.It's-all-Good-000-Page-1To print as a jpeg, or photo, right click over image and go to “save image as”, then save in a folder.  You can then print it or send it out to your favorite photo processing center.  For those of you that would like a PDF download click on this link:  

it’s all good

This is a great print to frame and would perfect for gifts, home decor, office decor, or for a fun teacher gift.  With all of the end of the year gifts that you need, (school, dance, sports etc.) this is a perfect little thank you gift!

 I would like to make a canvas block  with this and I can think of several places and people that this could go to!  :)

Thanks for visiting today and I hope you are having a “GOOD” Thursday!

I love you more than Easter Eggs

Thursday’s Thought-I Love You More…

I found this fun little saying at Home Goods when we were on our trip in Arizona last week! It just brought a smile to my face when I saw it and I thought of all of my cute little grandkids and it reminded me of them!I love you more than Easter EggsIsn’t this a fun little saying?  

I put it beside one of my fabric bunnies on a table in my entry way.  I love the springy pink color and it just brings a smile to my face every time I walk by and see it.

Do you have any fun spring sayings that make you happy?  I would love to hear them if you want to share!

I have been busy finishing some of the projects that I was working on while we were on vacation, and some of the new ones that I just got!!   I tell myself that I have to hurry and get my everyday work done first and then I can play! :)  We have a ton of yard work to do now, since our weather has been wonderful, so I try to work outside a little bit every day and then I play when I am done!  This is good incentive for me to get my work done fast!  :)

Hope you are having a great Thursday!  Tell someone you love, that you love them more than Easter Eggs today!

Here is one more Easter thought that I posted year!Here-comes-Peter-Cottontail-000-Page-1

Here Comes Peter Cottontail.  

This is a fun printable that you can print and frame to put with your Easter decor!  Go to the link for the full size printable.


Thursday’s Thought-St. Patrick’s Day Vintage

I thought that it would be fun to share a vintage St. Patrick’s Day photo today.  I love these old postcards, they just have so much class!  So without further ado here is a darling St. Paddy’s  cutest child!Vintage-St-Patricks-Day-Picture-GraphicsFairy-664x1024(The Graphic Fairy)

This old Postcard shows a darling little Boy! He’s wearing a white romper with a Green Sash and a bouquet of Shamrocks pinned to the fabric. He has such a sweet expression on his little face!  The text reads “The Wearing of the Green”. The artist is Ellen Clapsaddle.

Happy Thursday Everyone and May the Luck of the Irish be With You Today!


Thursday’s Thought-Today is going to be…

Because today is Thursday…it is time once again for my Thursday’s thought!

I love this thought and the attitude that it brings.  We are the ones that decide if today is the best day ever or not.  It is totally up to us to decide!today-is-going-to-beThis is formatted to an 8 x 10″ size.  If you would like to print as a jpeg, right click over the image and go to “save image as” then save in a folder.  You can then print it, or send it to your favorite photo processing center.

If you want the pdf here is the download:  today is going to be

So are you going to make

Today The Best Day Ever?


Thursday’s Thought-WARNING

Happy Thursday Everyone!  I hope that you are all well and that you are having a good week.  Today’s thought is a fun one that you could print and put in your laundry room…because who doesn’t need to brighten up their laundry room!! :)She-Who-Does-the-Laundry-000-Page-1This is formatted to an 8 x 10 size.  If you would like to print it as a jpeg, right click over the image and go to “save image as”.  Then save in a folder and you can print from there, or send it out to your favorite photo processing center.

Here is the pdf download:  warning-she who does the laundry

I have been busy working on a Relief Society Stake Women’s Conference.  I am on the committee for the decorations and we have finally decided exactly what we are doing and now we are busily working on all of the details.  We are going with a nautical theme because the scripture is Ether 12:4 and it talks about “anchors”  We have a blue and gold color scheme and I hope that it will be pretty!  I have been thinking about it for several months now, so it is good to have it finally start coming together!  I will take pictures that day to share with you.  It is in a couple more weeks.

I hope that everyone is having a great week!  Thanks for visiting today!  :)

new years thought

Happy New Year! 2015

To welcome in the new year…I found this thought that I love and wanted to share it with you today.  Maybe this is better than making a list of New Year’s Resolutions!  

new years thoughtI found this thought here, at Cherry Blossoms.

Don’t you just love this thought?  I am think about printing it out and putting it in my office!  I hope that I can surprise myself this next year and I hope that you can too!

Hope you have a Happy New Year’s Day and that you get to spend it with someone you love! 

Oh Christmas Tree

Thursday’s Thought- Oh Christmas Tree

Today I have a thought and a song for you…not that the thought is a song, which it is…but I also have a song!  Does any of this make sense?  I think that I need to get more sleep!

I am one lucky girl because every time I walk outside at night, or look out my front windows…this is what I see!Oh Christmas Tree Continue reading


Thursday’s Thought-When You Stop Believing

Happy Thursday everyone!  I hope that you are having a great day and that you are getting all of your Christmas preparations well underway!  I still have a lot to do, but I am trying to get a little bit done every day!

I hope that today’s thought will put a smile on  your face!  It is just silly, but I kind of liked it!  This is a great saying for all those non-believers out there!When-you-stop-believing-in-SantaThis would be a fun one to frame and put out for all non-believers to see!

This is formatted to and 8 x 10 size.  To save as a jpeg, right click over the image and go to “save image as” then save in a folder.  You can then print it or send it out to your favorite photo processing center.

Happy Holidays and always keep believing!

Unless…you really do want underwear!