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Strawberry Shortcake

My husband and I have been gone on vacation for the last week or so and now it is time to come back to reality and the real life.  Ugh.  We had a great time in Sunny Arizona and enjoyed many fun activities like spring baseball training, shopping, sunny skies, shopping, eating out, shopping, going to the fruit stands, shopping…OK I think you get the picture!  I will do a post later about some of my fun finds!

But I had a major computer disaster and ended up buying a brand new computer when we got home!  It is a pain trying to re-load everything onto a new computer, but it is so fun to have a new, clean, faster computer!  So now this is my first post on my new computer and it is great.

My husband and I have made this trip to AZ every year now for about 7-8 years.  It is something that we both look forward to.  My husband loves all the Spring Training baseball games and I love being in the warm (hot) weather so it is a great match!  We have gotten so that we know the area pretty good and are learning all the road names and how to get around the Phoenix area.  One of my favorite places to go every year is a big fruit market called Superstition Market.  They have so many different fruits and veggies for so cheap it makes my head spin!  I would totally go here every week if I lived anywhere around there!  So I had to load up with all kinds of goodies to bring home. It was great!

One of the things that I brought home was strawberries and so I HAD to make a strawberry shortcake for a birthday that we celebrated on Sunday. This is a fun recipe, using a cake mix that is really easy, but yet looks so pretty!
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