Aug 2014 Visiting Teaching Handout

This month for the visiting teaching handout for my church the message is: Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: Messiah.

I knew that I wanted to use these fun ice cream images from Just So Scrappy, so I went with the title, “Here’s the Scoop!”

Aug 2014 VT handoutI chose the thought from President Utchdorf, because I love everything that he says, I just really relate to him and I love his message about Christ being the promised Messiah!

Aug-2014-VTHere is the printable card with the message…Aug-2014-VT-blankAnd here is the blank card for those of you that would like to translate, or for those of you that need a fun invitation for an ice cream party!

Click here to download the PDF version:  Aug 2014 VT

These are formatted to a 4 x 6 card for those of you that want to print your own on photo paper, or for those of you that want to save your ink, you can send them to your favorite photo processing center!

DSC_0091-001I paired my card with a carton of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream tied up with a ribbon and a spoon!  You could also do any of your favorite ice cream treats, recipes, an ice cream scoop or just take the card.  Remember that the visit is the most important part, not the handouts!

So there is my handout for this month.  I hope that everyone can get out and visit the sisters that  you teach and let them know how much you love and care for them!

Happy Visiting!

12 thoughts on “Aug 2014 Visiting Teaching Handout

  1. You are so right. It is the visit that is important. But I must say that leaving a little something with my inactive sisters just adds a little something. I always pray that they will look at the message on the card at least once. So, thank you once more.

    1. Amy, thank you for your comment. I love hearing from you and appreciate all of your support! Happy visiting this month!

  2. Thanks again for capturing the true message for the month by using some fun things that make it personal even more..
    You always have the best ideas and must be truly inspired to help reach so many sisters!
    Hope you are doing much better!

    1. Mary Roth, thank you so much for your kind comment…It makes my day to know that someone can use one of my ideas, so thanks for making me sooo happy today! I am doing much better with my healing. I am just working on the strength in my hand and arm now, but the wound has healed nicely. Thanks for your concern.

    1. Jackie, thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I love to hear from you and I appreciate your sweet support. Hope you have a great day and Happy Visiting this month!

  3. I use to have a Web Site but moved on….. sooooo grateful that I found yours! I’m with the above Sister / I have one who doesn’t answer the door a sister who is way tooooo active but loves my or I should say your messages when she comes home ( she teaches cooking classes and can be seen on KSL 5) then to more inactive…. but they are very loved and that is why I love giving them a bit more TLC with your cute ideas… thank you

    1. B.J., Thank you for taking the time to write your comment. I love hearing from you and I am glad that you found me! It makes me happy when someone can use one of my ideas, so thanks for making my day today! Hope you have great day and Happy Visiting this month!

  4. I love how you do themes each month. You make it look so easy. I have been using your handouts for a little bit over a year now. I just went to the “The Dollar Tree” and got ice cream scoops & then to Winco Foods for some watermelon slices for this month. Last month I went to Macey’s Food and Drug for some sparkles and loved your handout so much that I went to Costco and printed it as 4X6 picture. Y=

    1. Thank you for sharing your fun ideas! I appreciate your taking the time to write. I love hearing from my readers. I also love it when someone says that they can use one of my ideas, so thanks for making me happy today! :)

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