Fringed Fleece Blankets

When my granddaughter was in the hospital they gave her a fringed blanket and she absolutely loved it.  So I decided to make some blankets to donate back to a local hospital.

I don’t know if I have been living in the dark ages or what, but I had never seen these blankets tied like this until she got hers and when I saw it, it was an ah ha moment!  Why didn’t I ever think of that?! Don’t you love my little blanket models?  My granddaughter is behind the blanket holding it up for me!

So does anyone else want to learn how to make a super easy tied fringed blanket?

I made these blankets 45″ x 60″, so I bought 1 1/4 yds of  60″ wide fleece fabric for each blanket. First of all you need to cut off the selvage edges.

Then cut out a 4 inch square on each corner.  If you are making more than one blanket, you can just use the square you cut from the first blanket for a pattern like I did here.I have my fabric doubled so I only had to make two cuts to get all four corners. Next cut the fringe about 1 to1 1/2 inches wide and 4 inches long. You can just eyeball these, you do not need to measure each one.When you get to the fold, you can just put your scissors between the layers and cut on the fold.  If your spacing does not come out like this just make the last cut half the width of the other strips and then when you open up the blanket it will be the same size as the others.Go around the three outside edges.Open up the blanket so that you only have one layer, then you will want to make small tuck in the top of of the fringe.And make a small 1/4 inch clip in the middle of each fringe.Then simply bring the end of the fringe up and through the small slit.Like this.And this is what it looks like.  It does not matter if you go up and over or down and under.  You just need to make sure that they are done all the same way.This is how it looks from one side.And this is how the other side looks.

These blankets are so easy.  It takes less than a hour to make one!

So now we are ready to roll these blankets up and tie with a big bow because as you know, ribbon makes everything cuter!

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  1. Or …. instead of cutting the slit – you can just tie a knot at the top of the cut fringed piece. Loop it around itself and push the knot up close to the blanket. I used to work for a Hospice and we would make fleece lap blankets for each of our patients….I made a LOT of these! Love them!

      1. What a great grandma you are! I love that they are so easy to make, and soft and cuddly enough that the kids love to wrap up in them!

    1. I know, these are the greatest, and I love that I have found another ribbon lover! Thanks for your comment and your support.

  2. This a cool idea but I like the double frabric blankets they are much warmer, I’m making them for everyone for Christmas.

  3. Much better idea to do the knots this way….thanks. When I’ve done them in the past, the knots just never seemed even enough. I was about to make one for Christmas for a grandson who loves soft blankets and this is just in time.

  4. I’m trying to raise money to make tie blankets to give away. May I use your final photo on my website? It is beautiful!

    1. Yes, you have permission to use that photo. Good luck with your project, blankets are always a fun one to do!

    1. Jen, I think that it would work, but I think that you would need to stitch the fabric together to keep it from shifting around.

      1. Would it work to pull one side of the fringe through the other side and then pull that side to the other side. In other words pull the back thru the front and front thru the back. I hope this is understandable.

  5. great idea – to use one fabric fleece for a blanket. Light enough for the kids to pull around them without it being too heavy. And while I originally purchased 4 separate pieces of fleece with the hopes of putting two pieces together, it is just to hard for me to keep them straight without some kind of wrinkle. So rather than just give up in frustration I will be using your pattern. Thanks so much for having it up so other people can see it.

    1. Maureen, Thank you for taking the time to write your comment. I appreciate your kind words and sweet support. I love making these fleece blankets and all the kids and grandkids help me every year for Christmas to take these to a local hospital or to donate to a good charity! It warms our hearts to make them and I hope that they can warm someone else! Rita

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  7. Our women’s ministry will be making blankets like this to donate to local shelters. May I have permission to use your photos in materials to promote the blanket making party event to be held at our church?

    1. Angie, you may use my photos, but I would appreciate you letting everyone know where they came from. Good luck with your project. Rita

  8. Really love these and plan to make some for the local VA Hosp.!
    I will do them double and larger & believe they will be enjoyed. thanks for all your help! Betty

    1. Betty, I love, love, love that idea! Thanks for all that you do and are going to do. The VA hospital will love them. Hope you have a great day. Rita

    1. Dora, I have not had any problems with the ties when washing them, but if you are worried about them just do a gentle cycle.

  9. For my Eagle Scout Project I will be making blankets like this to donate to our local hospital. May I have permission to use your photos to give instruction to my helpers?

    1. Scott, You have permission to use my photos for your Eagle Scout project. I think that is a great project and I wish you luck on becoming an Eagle! That is quite an accomplishment and something that you can be proud of for the rest of your life!

  10. These are AWESOME!! thank you for showing such a cool new way to do them!! Fun & easy!! Going to take the Grangirlie, to pick out fleece & then help her make one for her Daddy, for Christmas! (she is 9yrs old). Know her daddy will be thrilled!

    Ohio Hugs!!

  11. Thank you so much for this cute and quick idea for a blanket! I love fleece, but I agree that doing the usual knots are a bit “knotty” for little ones. Because we live in So Calif, we don’t always need the extra warmth. I am so excited to try this out for my grandkids, and I’m thinking this would be a great service project (maybe for hospice, women’s shelter, etc.) for our church small group – I could cut them beforehand, and even the guys could sit and pull them through while everyone chats! :-D

    1. Jean, You are so welcome! These blankets are perfect for hands of any size to help with! Good luck with your projects!!

  12. I LOVE this new “tie method!! I tied blankets with my ladies church ministry to the homeless. But I got frustrated with knots! Under, over. Over, under!! The other ladies just tied them however they wanted, no two sides were ever alike!! Can you tell I have a little OCD going on?!!! 😆 This relieves a lot of stress, it lies flat, is much prettier!!! You saved my sanity!!! I’ve since moved, and haven’t gotten in with a ladies group, (no longer have a car. 😑) Thank you from the bottom of my peaceful 💓 for this sweet idea!!! God bless you 100X over!!!

    1. Mindy, thank you so much for sharing your comment and for the service that you are giving! May you be blessed in your efforts! Good luck with your blankets!

  13. I have made one of these blankets for each of my grand children and great grand children. I tie a knot close to the edge of the blanket as I use 2 pieces, solid for the back and pattern for the front, makes a warmer blanket. For a small child who likes to carry the blanket, use 1 yard not 2..

    1. Diana, I am sorry, but I do not remember where I got the ladybug fleece. But it was 5 years ago, so I do not know if they make it anymore! Sorry.

  14. I did a 2 sided blanket, and used wonder clips to keep the 2 layers from shifting. worked great can find them in amazon first project. Thank you for sharing your idea worked like a charm 😊

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