fall wreath

Fall Wreath

I just finished decorating for fall and Thanksgiving!  I love this Autumn holiday and the fact that we can stop and reflect on all of the many blessings that we have.  All we have to do is take a look around us and we will see how very fortunate we all are!

I made this wreath for under $13!  All of the fall florals were on sale at Michaels for 80 % off, so I was able to score!Fall WreathThis was a very easy wreath to make.  All I did was take all the big blooms off their stems and arrange them around a grapevine wreath.  Hot glue in place and glue some of the leaves on the edges of the flowers.  It only took a matter of a few minutes to make this wreath!! :)fall wreathThen just tie a big bow or two on one side…Fall WreathAnd hang on your front door!

I love the beautiful, rich colors in this wreath!  

Here is a tutorial on how to make a wreath that is similar to this one, from One Little Momma, this was the inspiration for my wreath.  I love the hydrangeas in her wreath…but I was not able to find them…so I used these that were on sale!

Do you have any fun fall decorations that you have made or purchased?

Have a great weekend everyone!  I hope that you get to spend at least part of it doing something that you love with someone that you love!

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