Baseball Fun

My husband and I spent most of this week going to baseball tournaments!  It reminded us of the good old days!  :)  We had 3 of our grandsons playing in two different tournaments in two different cities, so it was baseball fun filled days!baseball July 2016We like to sit out in the outfield.  We found some shade and had our chairs, and just enjoyed the beautiful summers days and cool evenings.  It doesn’t get much better than that!baseball July 2016-001These two boys played on the same team this year, so it was nice to be able to go to one game and see two of our grandsons at the same time!baseball July 2016-003They both pitched and often times they both pitched in the same games!  That made it double fun to watch!baseball July 2016-002The kids had fun at the games because there were always cousins to play with!  How great is that??baseball 2016Our oldest grandson played in another town, and we were able to see most of his games also!  We have fun watching the grandkids.  I remember a time when we were at the ballpark 4-5 nights and week and sometimes on Saturday with all 4 of the kids playing.  My daughter played softball.  They were busy days, but we have many fond memories and there were many character building moments!  So that was our baseball fun week!

Do you have kids that play baseball…if so, you might enjoy this little printable!Thoughts-3-004-In-baseball-as-in-lifeIsn’t this the truth?  I love that the heart of everything is home and family!   Do you have some fun family traditions that you do in the summer?  I hope that you get to make some fun summer memories this weekend! 

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