Fun Trucks and Cars Quilt

I bought this quilt kit at my favorite little store in Midway, “Seasons of Home”  a few weeks ago and I have worked on it on the weekends when my husband and I have gone up to our cabin.  (I always have to have a project and I think that I drive my husband crazy!)  It is a very fun easy quilt to make and it only took me a couple of days to complete the whole top!This is a great quilt to make it you have fabric that has rows of patterns, like the rows of the cars!  You simply cut the rows apart, then use matching fabrics and white, make a checkerboard row.  That is how simple this quilt is!  Add a couple of borders and you are done.Here is a close up of the pattern.I love how it is quilted with the lime green thread.  It does not show up really well in this picture, but the green thread is a fun addition without taking away from the pattern of the quilt!I put blue minky on the back for extra softness to wrap up in!  Now what little boy would not love to cuddle up in this quilt?  I know of a couple! :)

17 thoughts on “Fun Trucks and Cars Quilt

    1. Thanks for your comment, the cars are part of a set, it is called Car Transporter, it is a semi truck which carries 4 cars.

  1. just found your blog,,,,love it
    do you do your own machine quilting?
    that fabric is a real find
    so much you can do with it

    1. Gail, I do not do my own quilting. I have a gal who does all of it for me but she just moved 2-3 hours away from me and so I am wondering how I am going to get my quilts all quilted now! I guess I will just have to take a little trip now when I need something done, that doesn’t sound half bad! :)

  2. This is super adorable for a boys bed! Would you mind sharing what the quilt kit was called? I’d love to make one for one of my grandsons if I can find the kit in Canada.

    1. I think that it was a kit that was just put together by the quilt shop that I was at. If you can find the truck fabric, you just cut it into the strips that are printed and then put a checkerboard boarder in between each row. Add a couple of borders and you are done! I am sorry that there is not a specific name of the kit, but as I said, it was put together by the quilt shop, it was not a packaged kit.

  3. I’d love to make that “Fun trucks and cars quilt”, but I can’t find it on the link you gave. Would it be possible for you to send me the direct link to it? Thanks in advance.

    1. Delores, I made that quilt in 2012 and the link that is in the post is to a fabric store, but I am sure they would not have that kit anymore. That was several years ago and fabric lines usually don’t stay around for a long time. You may be able to search on the internet for the fabric, but that kit was made by the store, so you would have to make your own. Hope that helps. Rita

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