Minky Baby Blanket

Have any of you seen these adorable minky blankets for babies?  They have got to be the softest, most cuddly blanket that I have ever felt!  I want one for me.


Both outside and inside are minky fabric along with a long minky fabric for the border.

DSC_0216To make one of these blankets you will need 30 inches of 60″ wide minky fabric, cut into two 30″ squares.  (I used two different fabrics, for the front and back,  so I will be able to make two of these blankets.)  You will need two-3″ wide X 60″  strips of the long minky fabric for the border.  The trick to sewing this fabric is to Pin, PIn, PIn!   Sew the two border strips together to make a 120″ long strip of fabric. I started on the seam and worked out.  Pin the seam to one corner of the blanket, (right sides together) and then work half way around the quilt, pinning the seam.  Then go back to the corner and work the other way.  When you get to the opposite corner, mark your fabric and cut off any excess if you have some and sew the seam closed.  Then sew the border to the quilt all the way around, using 1/2 inch seams.  Then repeat for the other side, except that you will leave a small opening to turn the quilt right side out. Make sure you start at the corners with the seam, so that the corners will be matched up with the other side.  The outside border is an open border, it is sewn to each side separately,  but they are not all sewn shut.  Turn your quilt and sew the opening closed.   There you have a fun, soft, cuddly blanket for your little one.

I also crocheted around a little receiving blanket.  I know these are a little old fashioned, but I love how big they are and they are not flimsy, like the store bought ones!


The last thing we made, was a carrier cover.  My daughter and daughter-in-law really made most of this.  They made me sew around the outside  and the final top stitching.  I love the colors in this cover, they are just so bright and fun!


Does this girl look like she is ready to have a baby in a few days?  I looked like that when I was a few months along, not when I was ready to deliver!  We are so glad that our new granddaughter is here and can now enjoy all these fun comforts that her family has made for her!

Have any of you sewn any fun projects lately?  I usually don’t sew as much in the summer, but this summer I have really gotten the bug!  I will show you a few more things as they are finished.

Have a great weekend Everyone.  Love Ya!

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5 thoughts on “Minky Baby Blanket

  1. If you match a crosswise grain with a lengthwise grain when sewing the minky it will go together better. I think a flannel receiving blanket is never out of style! Have you ever made the self binding receiving blanket? It is two pieces of flannel sewed right sides together. One piece is 10 inches bigger than the other. You also miter the corners, and then turn the blanket right side out. It creates the cutest blanket ever, with a few inches of the fabric on the back wrapping around to the front.

    1. Teresa,
      Thanks for the great tip! I have another one to make, so I am going to try that! I have made the self binding receiving blankets and I love them too!
      Thanks for taking the time to comment, I love hearing from you.

  2. I love your sewing projects and congrats on the grand-baby. Being a grandparent is the best.

    I make the receiving blankets like you have, AND crochet around the edge when I really love someone! But – my initial beginning row is never as perfect as yours is. How do you get those stitches perfectly spaced? It looks like you’ve ‘punched’ the holes prior to crocheting….. My mother did beautiful, perfect crochet work like this but she has been gone for a long time. I would love any feedback. You are welcome to email me your tips!


  3. Korine,
    I sent you an email, but I will let everyone else know that I have my receiving blankets hemstitched before I crochet them. That puts the holes in the blanket and that is why they are so even. Thanks for your comment, I love hearing from you!

  4. Hello Rita. I am sorry but I don’t understand what you mean by “I have my receiving blankets hemstitched before I crochet them”. Do you mean that you hem them by machine? Or do you hem-stitch them by crocheting? I too love this type of finish but it never looks even. Thanks for any hints. You may answer by email since this is an old post. I just found it however. Thanks!

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