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What a Week!

This has been a busy week here at the ranch.  Even though we are empty nesters it does not mean that we slow down very much!

My husband and I took a quick little trip to St. George, (Southern Utah)  the first few days of the week.  We went to two of the Tuacahn Theater Shows,   “Aladdin” and “Hairspray”.  They were both so good and the weather was pretty good although the first night we were there the wind came up and it got downright cold!  We figured if we were going to see these shows that we had better go now, because they are going to end this week!  We really enjoy going to the different shows every year!  Thriller starts next week and I would love to see that one too, but I doubt that we will make it back down there to see that one!  Maybe next year!

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