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40 Day Conference Challenge Starts Today!

The 40 Day Conference Challenge Starts Today!

Today is the day!

40 day conf. challenge Oct 2016

I hope that you have your bookmarks printed and you are ready to start your conference reading, for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

If you need to print the bookmarks, click on the links below:

40 day conference bookmark Oct 2016

40 day conference bookmark Oct 2016-backs

40 day conference bookmark Oct 2016- one set

We will start and end by reading the talks from our beloved prophet!

Let’s begin with “The Perfect Path to Happiness”

conf. reading starts todayThis is how I marked this talk.  I underlined, outlined, added squiggly lines and a heart!  You could also use different colors to highlight even more!

One of the quotes that I love is this quote from Pres. Monson’s talk:

“We are blessed to have the truth.  We have a mandate to share the truth.  Let us live the truth…He does nothing save it be for our benefit.”

The 40 Day Conference Challenge Starts Today!

It is always fun to do this challenge with someone else.  

So…grab your spouse, kids, your mom, sisters, girlfriends, visit teaching sisters, or co-workers!  Check up on each other and discuss what you have read!  

Have fun with it!

Let’s all start this challenge together. And see if we can get all the way through reading all of the conference talks.  But if you read even one of the talks, you are doing better than if you never start!

Check out the full details here.

There are also some sweet treats, in that link, that you can do for a reward to anyone that chooses to participate.

Feel free to share on your social media sites, and let’s get everyone on board that we can!

Thanks for Visiting Today…

Good Luck With The Challenge! 

2 thoughts on “40 Day Conference Challenge Starts Today!

    1. RuthAnne, Welcome to the challenge!! Hope you enjoy your reading and that you will feel the power of the conference talks! Good luck with the challenge!

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