WIP-wool quilt

Work In Progress-Wool Quilt

Work In Progress-Wool Quilt

Today I am excited to show you a work in progress that I have been working on for almost two years now!WIP-wool quiltI have all of the wool applique done and now I just need to do the corners and the sashings! 

This quilt was a block of the month that I found at The Christmas Goose quilt shop in Las Vegas!  The pattern is from Primitive Gatherings.  It is called A Primitive Garden.

I have never done any wool applique and so to start with a big quilt was a little bit crazy!  But I kept telling myself that it was one block a month!  It took me a little longer to finish than the number of months that they sent the kits to me!  But I finally got all of the blocks completed.

I thought that I could now simply put it all together, but little did I realize that all of the sashings are pieced blocks!WIP wool quiltThere are 22 of the corner stars. It takes 18 seams to sew these blocks and then you have to trim them to size!  After those were done, I made 220 quarter square units.  And again, they need to be trimmed and squared up!  

I could have just cut 2 1/2 inch squares for the sashings, but I figured if I had put this much time into my quilt, I was not going to take shortcuts now!WIP-wool quiltHere is a close-up of some of the sashings and corner stars!WIP-wool quiltAll of the wool pieces are hand appliqued on and the stems are embroidered.

WIP-wool quiltThis view has all of the stars placed where they will be when all the sashings are done.  A black stop border will be added and another border to finish the edges.

I am trying to decide whether to make this into a bedspread or make it for a wall hanging to go over the railing in my front entrance.  What do think I should do?  

Bedspread or wall hanging?

So this is my Work in Progress-Wool Quilt.  It has been fun to work on and I am excited to get it completed!

Thanks for Visiting.  Have a wonderful weekend!

24 thoughts on “Work In Progress-Wool Quilt

    1. Kelly, thank you. It has been a lot of work, but I am excited to get it done. I don’t know if I dare quilt it myself…I am thinking I need to send this one out to someone that knows what they are doing!

  1. It looks wonderful so far. I think it would make a lovely bedspread! Love the colors and the more colorful sashing you are adding! It will be gorgeous when you get it done!

    1. Pat, Thank you so much for your kind words. This quilt has been a fun project…long but fun! I am still teetering on whether to do a bedspread or a wall hanging! Either way it will be rewarding to finish it!

  2. Beautiful, reminds of your pictures of Thanksgiving Place. Love the saying on the quilt piece. Triangle blocks are my unfavorite to piece, but you are right they belong in this quilt. I vote for wallhanging :).

  3. You have the MOST PATIENCE I have ever observed!!! What a beautiful quilt. My vote – Hang it in your entrance so all can enjoy!!!
    Rita, you are such an accomplished quilter!!! Your persistence pays off!!

    1. Mardene, You are so kind! Thank you. I keep telling my kids that this is one quilt they better darn well fight over when I am gone! :) Ha ha! Bev is the culprit in all of my quilts, she is the one that got me started again!

  4. A wall hanging sounds wonderful, but I’ve always felt quilts belong on a bed! That said, I would use it as a bedspread and when someone visits, you may proudly show them your beautiful work of art. That’s my thought on the subject.
    Once I took a class on rotary cutting and the plan was to make a wall hanging from what we cut out. When I announced that to my husband, he’s the one who convinced me that it should go on a bed. By then, the fabric I’d chosen was no longer available for purchase so he had to take me to numerous fabric shops to find some contrasting fabric to finish the quilt! I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer shortly after that and my oldest granddaughter was planning to be married in December. While I was going through the Chemo infusions, I was given large amounts of steroids to keep me from getting sick, etc. I used those few days on steroids when I couldn’t rest or sleep to finish cutting out and sewing and hand-quilting that quilt for our granddaughter’s wedding. It was and is beautiful and I’m grateful to still be around 8 years later to hug and kiss her two sweet little children. Life is beautiful when we persevere, so you have done that with your gorgeous wool quilt. I love it!

    1. Marie, Thank you so much for sharing your story! I love your thoughts and I am so glad that you were able to make your granddaughter’s quilt and that you are still doing well! You are an inspiration to me! Hope you have a wonderful day. Give those two grandchildren and great big hug!

  5. I am absolutely blown away at this beautiful piece of work. I know the intensity of the tedious stars and 4 square triangles but have never worked on the wool. I have been inspired. I don’t do wall hangings but this is too beautiful to hide in the bedroom. You are amazing.

    1. Laura, Thank you so much for your kind comment. It is nice when someone else can appreciate your work. The stars were tedious, but I am so glad that I took the time to make them and to piece the quarter square triangles. Now I just need to keep going and get the sashings done and put the rest of the quilt together! I am still teetering between bedspread and wall hanging, but either way I am glad that I was able to make this quilt!

    1. Sue, Thank you for your vote! I am still teetering on which way to go, but am starting to lean towards a wall hanging! Hope you have a great day!

  6. With all the work and time you have put into this beautiful quilt, I think it needs to be in a place where everyone can see it! I’ll be anxious to see it when it is finished.

    1. Jean, I am starting to lean towards hanging this quilt. I guess we’ll see when I get it all put together, whether to hang it or put it on the bed! I am still working on all of the sashings…it is taking me a bit to figure it all out! Thanks for your vote! I appreciate your kind comment and sweet support!

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