Halloween Tree

My daughter had this dead tree that she brought over to me and said that it would be perfect for a Halloween tree!  What do you think?

I had this old, yucky pot, stains, cobwebs and all! And I spray painted the pot and the tree and…Added a bunch of decorations.And this is what I got! I added the witch hat to the base of the tree and this is what it looks like at dusk.This is my little flower cart on the front porch.My favorite find at Swiss Days a couple of years ago!It’s beginning to look a lot like… Halloween!

14 thoughts on “Halloween Tree

  1. Love the decor, the shoe is to die for I made small shoes out of an old pillow case sewed them, stuffed them and painted them with black craft paint and used them in my house at Halloween

    1. That sounds soo cute! I like the idea of smaller shoes, maybe I will have to make a pair of smaller shoes to go along with my big shoe!

        1. Jennifer, I got that at Swiss Days several years ago and I do not know who it was that made it. I have not seen them again since that year. Sorry, I am not much help. If anyone out there knows where she can find one we would love to hear from you!

        1. Ana, I just put dirt around the base of the tree and watered it good to pack in it. You could also use plaster of Paris if you wanted to hold. It makes the base heavy to carry, but it also makes it sturdy and the wind does not blow it over. Hope this helps.

  2. love your tree. Have tried make one with no success.
    your Halloween witch boot is awesome. I would like to make one like it.

    1. Shirley, Keep trying on the Halloween tree…practice makes perfect! :) I did not make the Halloween boot, I bought it at a boutique several years ago, but it is still one of my favorite Halloween decorations. Happy Haunting!

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